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    Team Killer

    The fact I only kill time playing this and only spend a small amount probably means what I think don't matter, however, I am deleting all destroyers because of this rubbish team killer tag. When you see a team-mate turning away and release a volley of torps and kill an enemy ship and then your team-mate turns straight into them after firing why should you be penalised? No real loss as I simp[ly will sell all destroyers and never spend another cent.
  2. ScurvaceousScab

    Why do some people bother joining random battle?

    My original post is not aimed at the strategist's who support their team. It is the ones that actually reverse away from battle (destroyers and cruisers) and then park in the furthest point on the map out of range of anything. In random every team member counts from what I have seen. I am no expert player but try my best to back up my team mates. I think if they are gonna sit it out just play co-op and pat yourself on the back for your awesomeness when you gain bigger and better ships. Anyway rant over there is not much that can be done about it.
  3. I wonder why so many people joining Random Battle and then move to the back of the map dodging any confrontation. It is weak, meaningless and irritating. What benefit is there? Maybe I am missing something here.