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    Random gun firing

    Well, I had disabled it...... *Checks* Aannd it's come alive again. Fixed and tested. Sorry for being such a noob.
  2. bluedog16

    Random gun firing

    I'm having an issue where some (or all) of my main guns will randomly fire. I have not clicked mouse or hit any keys, They might fire several rounds from any gun that's aimed. It usually seems to be in ripple fire mode. I usually stop it by actually clicking the mouse. I've just had it happen several times with my St Louis. It can get frustrating when you're trying to sneak around out of detection range when suddenly all your guns start firing, thereby drawing attention to yourself. I have wondered if it's a mouse issue, but I've had no random clicking in any other program. Is this a known issue? Is it just me? I don't know but I do know I have to be really careful where I point my guns as they could start firing at any moment.