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    In the name of sanity

    I speak English....have an English Monty Python tilt to my humour......normally tolerant.....in the name of all that is sane PLEASE give me a mute option for the absolute cretins who refuse to accept spamming the comms with unneeded, inane and inappropriate F key messages are not them being the absolute soul of the party.........I like the game music, the sound of the guns, the torp warnings, so don't want to mute the entire game.....but for goodness sakes either remove the cretin's toy or allow one to mute the bloody morons. Thank you.....rant over.

    Aircraft Carrier Issue

    There's far too many damn torps flying about in the game anyway!! ( yeah it supposedly stops the game stagnating into long distance static bombardments ect ect ect ....realistic naval warfare ) but the ranges quoted are ridiculous ....cruisers spamming torps, Destroyer spamming torps and Carriers sending out waves of torp deploying aircraft at insane arming ranges ..... introduce torp spamming submarines and be done with it...rename the game World of Torpedoes .....there's a few times I feel you could stroll between the islands walking on a sea full of torps and you'd not get your feet wet.
  3. Allo peops, Been at this testing malarkey a while now and do enjoy many aspects of the game ( do think there's too many torps but not wishing to be shouted at lol ). Anyhoo, I came to this game from BP and before that PRTC where sociability with friends was paramount ....my wish list as it were would be for team play between friends be easier. As it is everyone in households far apart has to be ready there and then....or folks are left waiting..if one member has to let the dog out, answer the phone, referee a fight tween the kids the rest are left waiting.........just maybe allow clans a a short timer to join in before a battle and if they miss it...no worries, catch next one .....not this leave / join / ready mess on.

    Too many torpedoes.

    Well nobody actually said take them away....I suggested a 15% reload timer decrease but since learning a few valuable ' know how ' tactics from more experienced players than I, I am very happy with their advice.....after all it's all a learning curve.

    Too many torpedoes.

    Thanks for the insights and replies. In truth only been at the game two weeks so maybe I'm still blundering into a few elephant traps....the teamwork element isn't jelling yet which possibly makes the situation worse when out in battleships more noticeably ...where one would hope there'd be screening cover you find a cruiser hiding behind an island for the entire battle and a destroyer heading for a distant corner well behind the lines lol. I will have to be less gung ho ..

    Too many torpedoes.

    Hi, Firstly want to say..AWESOME game...I know most would say dodge and weave torps or keep an eye out for them ect but with Destroyers, Cruisers and planes all loaded with deadly torps it detracts from the game flow a bit ....rather than getting into a fun artil duel I find myself in high view mostly playing dodge the fish in the water. Yeah they're a major part of the naval warfare ( and the game ) but maybe a 15% decrease would be beneficial.... extend the reloading time maybe?. Just a thought anyhoo

    Game crash

    I have had similar when switching between torps and artil quickly ....but it's just a brief thing......the ship sails on with me being unable to fire or maneuver for maybe 10-15 seconds.No biggie.
  8. Hi, Just wondering how long it generally takes customer support to reply to tickets. I pre ordered the Yubari on the 9th of April and as yet still cannot access the game.