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  1. US_Zumwalt

    Minekaze got nerfed? Then nerf the cleveland

    Ok so they nerf the only thing worth driving but can't fix the lag damn 2 weeks and I already wanna leave this game that has to be a record so much work to get something Nerf'd NICE GOIN pffft
  2. US_Zumwalt

    Connection Issues here in Philippines

    I have lag often I am over it and thinking about delete and move on...shame its a good game messed up by this crap.
  3. US_Zumwalt

    Best Ship

    Whilst I agree completely some ships really make it easier. Also lag sadly comes into it now for me I am killed by it more often than not...
  4. US_Zumwalt

    Best Ship

    Killed 2 Destroyers today with 1 wave of torps shooting into their smoke cloud hah would love to have seen their faces was a moment somewhat like yours I'd say...
  5. US_Zumwalt

    Best Ship

    Fair call
  6. US_Zumwalt

    Best Ship

    Obviously that is premium no can see it in the tree...
  7. US_Zumwalt

    Best Ship

  8. US_Zumwalt

    Best Ship

    Spam cannons HAH nice will look that one up.
  9. US_Zumwalt

    Best Ship

    One hopes it does I am interested in what people think..
  10. US_Zumwalt

    Best Ship

    So I have been using WoW since open beta I have been waiting a year. Despite it being an obvious slog would like opinions on the following. Even some thoughts on this V that if you can. Best Battleship - New Mexico (so I have heard) Best Carrier - None so I have heard Best Cruiser - The Humble St Louise (Only because it just pores out the hits and is bad to be on the end of in that regard). However I have heard the Kuma rocks but have not bought it yet. Best Destroyer - Minekaze because this brute can get in real close and snipe off just about anyone. I have dealt more death in this than anything. I will add here I am working my way through tier 5 to 6 and not highly experienced but would like to hear thoughts. PS Please keep it a personal opinion and not a slag fest if you can