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  1. You're both wrong. Here's how it stands. 1) Yamato: 18.1 Inch Shells weighing 3,300 lbs 2) Iowa, South Dakota, North Carolina: 16 Inch Shells weighing 2,700 lbs 3) Nelson and Rodney: 16 Inch Shells weighing 2,300 lbs 4) Nagato and Mutsu: 16.1 Inch Shells weighing 2,250 lbs 5) Colorado: 16 Inch Shells weighing 2,200 lbs 6) Littorio Class, Richelieu Class: 15 Inch Shells weighing 1950 lbs 7) Hood, Queen Elizabeth Class, Revenge Class, Vanguard: 15 Inch Shells weighing 1938 lbs 8) Bismarck, Tirpitz: 15 Inch Shells weighing 1800 lbs As you can see from the above information, there's plenty of ships firing more powerful shells than the Bismack and Tirpitz. However, in a real life scenario, the overall firepower is determined by accuracy and number of guns on each ship as well. Also, these are the weights of the AP shells fired by the ships. The HE shells were a good bit lighter than their counterparts and tend to be used in real battle as well.
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    Blue Line abuse replay collection thread

    I am genuinely sick of this stupid mechanic. I just played a game where we were three battleships to one Fuso and one Destroyer. This was one of the most horrendous game of my life as everything the opponents did seemed broken. A New Mexico destroyed two of my ship's 4 turrets in two salvoes. Either RNG was against me or he was using the aimbot. Fine. I survived him but now I'm only firing 6 main guns and the Fuso was fleeing from my allied battleship. The Destroyer, meanwhile had sneaked up on me and an allied New York. He used the smoke screen to go undetected and ran off somewhere, still in the Vicinity. I had my guns trained in his direction for at least 3 minutes (Since I didn't have enough firepower to deal with the now Blue Lining Fuao and I also notice d my allies were having a hard time hitting him. The destroyer didn't appear at all. Not a single time. I thought he had run off to capture so I tried aiming the Fuso, which was a task in itself since only 6 of my main guns were firing and the (edited) was Blue Lining and dodging everything we threw at him. He was returning fire on us all this while and managed to Sink the Kongo and take the score in their favour (It was in our favour) and the timer was running out. All of a sudden. I get hit by torps and THEN the destroyer appears after I get hit by his spread at a distance of only 5KM. It seemed impossible that he remain concealed for 7 whole minutes while being in range. I can't object against the aimbot because I can't prove he used it and cursing RnG is all I have left in that case. I can't object against the Destroyer concealment for the same reasons. I can, however object against Blue Line abuse. It is not supposed to be a part of game mechanics in a game that depends so much on Luck and Precision as it even looks silly and can turn games around entirely at times for stupid tactics like Blue Lining and the team that was supposed to win ends up losing. The solution is simple, really. Add a health penalty for Blue Lining, maybe a Self Detonation penalty. Heck, implement the collision system with the map borders for all I care but this (edited) tactic has to be dealt with. Intel Core i5 3330@3.0GHz | MSI Twin Frozr Nvidia GTX 750ti 2048MB | 8GB DDR3 RAM | Corsair VS650 650W SMPS | WD Caviar Blue 1TB Hard Drive 5600 RPM ​Derogatory terms, Post Edited, User Sanctioned ~lengxv6