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  1. _BobbyB_

    Merging the Client Screen

    Thank you very much for the fast response, I never even thought to change the folder I was installing the client to. It did seem strange that nothing was different after downloading a different region lol.
  2. I was wondering if there will be a function to merge the client screen with different regions, so as to say im in both the NA and Asia regions of the game, and download both client being able to select between them. I was signed up with both for closed beta and was accepted into both, i downloaded both and only the NA server is selectable from the client. I am in the Asia region but all my friends play in the NA 1, was looking to play both same as i do in tanks, Just wondering will that be possible, not worried if not anytime soon, just as long as its possible, rather than delete 1 to run the other, as 1 over rights the other at moment...
  3. _BobbyB_

    There goes my CBT

    Atleast u got the download lol i was signed up with Asia and NA as i play both in WOT, Asia is my preferred choice as i am in that region, but got a download for NA within 10 mins of signing up lol
  4. _BobbyB_

    There goes my CBT

    It has been less than a hour and close to 10,000 people viewed the sign up process, makes me wonder how the applicants will be chosen. The email says if we meet the requirements we will be selected, yet there is no requirements posted for us to meet, and no questions asked at all for us to answer to show our enthusiasm or quality for the game.
  5. _BobbyB_

    There goes my CBT

    I am feeling a little better that more than me got this message, (feel like a dick saying im glad others are disappointed lol). Yea i think the congrats your in message was a mistake and meant for those who had the beta code to include in the submission, not for those without a code and just wanting to apply.
  6. _BobbyB_

    There goes my CBT

    Just wondering if the application successful message, and a message saying you were being sent a link to download, means that i am now in the closed beta? The email i received after this says if i am selected i will be emailed a code, not that i was already selected??