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    Australia - World of Lagships

    50-60 ping. Sydney, Telstra Cable no issue at all
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    Multiplayer Grouping

    Let me first say that i am incredibly new to this particular game and am loving every minute of it. However I do have one gripe that I want to air and I would like to see if anyone else is of the same opinion. I come from a background of pretty much multiplayer gaming only, I enjoy very much jumping on the voice chat with my mates and group playing. So from this point of view, I don't particularly enjoy being limited to 3 people per division and no ability what so ever to group with a friend and play ranked mode. I very much understand and acknowledge the risks to team stacking and the difficulties that the game developers face in terms of balance and sustaining a reasonable player experience no matter who joins the battle. I just wish there was an option for larger divisions, or the ability to play competitive together, whether it be clan matches or some sort of alternate game mode. In my limited experiences i find it ridiculously difficult to get random people to follow tactics or even communicate and work together. Does anyone else feel the same and or do they know if there are any plans in place to expand in this area?