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  1. TT400TP

    Personal Ship Nicknames

  2. TT400TP

    Country Based Communities ?

    Same question!!
  3. TT400TP

    Happy Birthday WG

    Happy birthday WG!!!
  4. TT400TP

    U ask, we Talk

    Hello sir, I'm TT400TP My question is, are we going to have Akizuki class DD as a premium ship? When we can see her in game?? Thank you!!!
  5. TT400TP

    USA Battleship Painting Skin

    Thank you! I
  6. TT400TP

    [MOD] Kongou fog aoki hakane - skin

    Nice skin! Thank you!
  7. TT400TP

    New polish Destroyer

    Did someone see that new ship in random battle???
  8. Murmansk is good enough. Atago is better but it is more expensive
  9. TT400TP

    [ Vship- Team WSVN ] Halloween Dock !

    Nice mod! Thank you!
  10. TT400TP

    IJN Tone

    Tone class was designed to be Aviation Cruiser
  11. TT400TP

    Night battle map confirmed (Yasen :v)

    What will happen with CV in night battle??
  12. TT400TP

    German Navy Cruisers

    Prinz Eugen is third ship of Admiral Hipper class cruiser, tier 7 in game