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  1. PH mobile payment for Doubloons

    Mobile Payment is my only available option for buying doubloons...I think I won't spend anymore money with this exchange rates.
  2. Same problem here, I even tried to Re-download but still no good.
  3. Sorry took so long to reply, busy studying for exams... not sure but It seems that I might lack some of the map files....can someone verify theirs if I really has some missing files but the Solomon Islands file is there but it still doesnt load ingame . . . .
  4. I'm always stuck at the loading screen when playing at Solomon Island, the other maps runs fine though. My PC doesn't seem to be the problem, how to know if all the map files are where it should be.
  5. IJN or USN Cruiser?

    I prefer USN cruisers thou, A well timed AA defense can cancel a ship class(Carrier) on its own without much skill needed.
  6. There goes my CBT

    Hahaha Entering Kancolle's lottery is a lot easier ^_^
  7. There goes my CBT

    Anyone knows someone who stream?
  8. There goes my CBT

    Go Server GO!!!
  9. when this game realize in philippines

    Yeah I know, so I will be gunning for a spot for tommorows application
  10. when this game realize in philippines

    Any details as of what time it will start in SEA region?
  11. when this game realize in philippines

    ♫~Though I can't spell it out for you If you just realize what I just realized Then we'd be perfect for each other And we'll never find another ~♫