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  1. CCloak

    Tier X DD's now obsolete

    All DDs except T2 are now obsolete. Sure they don’t one shot DDs anymore, but in old system you have a chance that you have a good CV on your side to protect your DDs from drops, and DF AA negates plane threat from DD. With the new system, it is much more difficult to stop a CV from dropping DDs who are playing the objectives, and CV even though they don’t one shot DDs, are super strong at denying DDs their objective, and in general shoe them down to play with the fleet. The issue of the new CV rework is that a hell lot of ships are render obsolete by the new CV play. Only those with special AA setups can remain functional, which the majority of players may not have access to.
  2. CCloak

    CV rework day 1 observations

    Looks like the British AA setup is better in general. The USN AA setup is weaker in comparison outside of high tier USN BBs. My Belfast and Duke of York are both shooting down more planes than my Atlanta on average.
  3. CCloak

    190k Elite XP Mission

    Just got the 190k exp. You need to play Pensacola again if you played before 14:00 UTC+8.
  4. CCloak

    過年任務 第五章bug

  5. CCloak


    中文翻譯完全錯誤。 英文的是寫在一場戰鬥內用艦艇魚雷對任何船艦造成9萬傷害。
  6. CCloak

    RIP high tier matches

    I watched the whole video, so funny seeing the TEAM clan played along as Yuro's "team" player with the NO CAP KILL ALL TK thing, and Yamato actually enjoy being HE spammed by Yuro. Crazy fans are crazy after all.
  7. CCloak

    RIP high tier matches

    I am Asian, and I run Radar on my DM. Actually, so far I have yet to meet a DM not running Radar in ASIA. But that doesn't mean they are good players, mind you. Ok, while Yuro seems to be serious in the comments section, notice this is not a "How to Des Moines" video. If I see correctly, all his videos that is not labelled as "How to" should be treated with /s. And I believe, he played all this during Christmas holiday. I had some of the most easiest games during Christmas in this server of all time.
  8. CCloak

    WG have made T6 PVP unplayable

    If true, I can finally continue my CV grind to T8
  9. To put Yamato down to T9, the only reasonable nerf is to remove her overmatch mechanics and reduce sigma to 1.9. Adjust overmatch multipler from 14.3 to a higher number that will exclusively give 510mm to overmatch everything. Must consider her competitions at T9, which has much lower accuracy and that she will face T7, which have far lower minimum armor. Cannot just simply increase reload time or reduce alpha to balance her. That would be extremely insane. My opinion would be, not place Izumo with Yamato.
  10. CCloak

    Can WG detect auto aim cheat ?

    Kutuzov is a very large target. It is generally not considered the hardest target to pinpoint in smoke. And even if you stop firing it doesn't prevent the enemy from trying to guess. And if you are wondering how crazy people can do their guess, go to wows Reddit now, there is a post called OMC hax which involves a BB blind kill a DD through sheer prediction. The only hacks that is available to the mass(by Googling), for a price, are lead assists and shell land highlighters for shell dodging which is useless, nothing about permanent radars and such as they are server side only data. You got to stop believing there is some magic hacks that can hack a server side LoS, no, that is not possible, and you will not improve your skills if you keep on believing in one. You got outplayed by them or you are just unlucky they managed to pinpoint your course blind, plain and simple. It does not matter if he show broadside to you or not, maybe he is actually angling against another battleship too, and change speed is an effective way to juke leads.
  11. CCloak

    CV Matchmaking

    Two divisions abusing CV MM at the same time got trolled by pairing their CV in the same match, then MM can freely use the standard T5 MM and put them against T7 ships. Normally the CV would pair up with a non divisioning T4 CV, and because the system needs to obey the other CV's battle tier, the T5 ships on the division are always top tier.
  12. CCloak

    Proof of MM problem WG! fix it?

    This level of divisioning seem to only exist in ASIA. In some RU streams I watch, they almost never existed. Numbers from warships.today would also suggest optimized 3-man divisions are less common in NA and EU. Due to the influence of many Asian MMO and some arcade pvp games, the concept of always playing in a group with an optimized comp bonds deeply into the Asian metagame.
  13. CCloak

    Spotting XP

    This should give you an idea how much worth spotting exp gives. In short, worth very pitiful. If half of my spotting damage is in the actual damage area, I would score well above 2k base exp.
  14. The HE bomb setup is workable against T6-T8 MM. What WG doesn't understand however, is gameplay experience wise, a dive bomber only loadout with very mediocre fighters isn't worth 70 bucks and they are basically fishing and cheating on potatoes in this game. I mean, if GZ is considered ok and balance, then AS Shokaku would not be considered the only viable CV choice in tournaments since the release of the IJN CV line. (And if you wonder why WG thinks a 10 second delay on AP bombs is fine, that is because they used RU randoms meta for balance, which is, quite a "relaxing" meta...)
  15. CCloak

    Concealment on High Tier CA/CL

    As said by many people, in loading screen only your ship shows the rating with all captain skills and upgrade modules included. All other players on your loading screen will only have their ratings without any of those. I played enough CV games when AS captain skill is still a 15pt to know it, and the aircraft rating is always the same regardless if the enemy has 5 fighters in his Zuiho or only 4. And in DD matches, everyone runs CE yet their concealment ratings on the same ship type are always worst than me. And to answer your question, CE with concealment module is the meta in high tier cruisers. You probably just met a potato Minotaur not using concealment module.