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  1. My screen can't come back to ship after i used Z to zoom shells you guys can see i can open Tab, Esc to port
  2. Moeka_chan

    AniManga Chat :E

    at least, i find someone like me read that seri :3
  3. Fire all main battery at same time, you can hit enemy 10k-20k HP per turn, trust me i try
  4. thank you very much conan-sama / ( * 3 * ) /
  5. conan-sama, can i change into " The chosen one " pls :3
  6. it is too hard to make citadel on enemy ships ??
  7. Moeka_chan

    Submarine ?

    Another conan-sama SS ?? i wonder how Minekaze can do that
  8. Moeka_chan

    For Credits !

    well, i always use Kongo, st.louis and Marblehead farm for credits
  9. great reported, i feel like i'm in the battle :3
  10. Moeka_chan


    i don't know what happen to you, but i saw your point was -999999, look terrible, +1 , -999986 left
  11. Moeka_chan

    Error icon ships

    Issue: all main gun of Tirpitz icon have been lost and Mogami too , Atago lost 1st 3rd and 5th turret , Konigsberg lost all turret, Nagato lost 4th turret Screenshots: Ship: Tirpitz, Mogami, Atago, Konigsberg, Nagato Map: any map Occurrences: every time i play Severity: nothing Details:
  12. Moeka_chan

    You still retain Arkan ?

    YESSSSS !!!! and full upgrades with it
  13. Moeka_chan

    Nagato bug view main gun

    so, after update, that problem isn't fix yet
  14. Moeka_chan

    Error St.Louis's icon

    Issue: St.Loius's icon had gone a part in nose Screenshots: Ship: St.Loius Map: Solomon Occurrences: Every time Severity: Nothing Details: