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  1. Rizzeld

    IJN Mutsu

    I got her tonight, I enjoyed it, had a really good game on it, I mean you cant complain with 5 kills and 140k dmg, she got me top of the tables. (but then I always have a great game my first time out on a new ship) the biggest issues is shes squishy, however if you angle right u can bounce quite a bit of incoming fire, and always have an AA cruiser with you. myself I try not to compare same tier ships to each other, each ship has its own quirks, Mutsu's quirk is having large ass guns and torps, thats it. If that appeals go if it, if not... eh for me, its an 8/10, would Mutsu again
  2. Rizzeld

    Upcoming ranked season is the very definition of P2W

    now correct me if i'm wrong but flint is the one premium ship you've listed you cant buy. it is/was a reward ship. Also remember it isn't the ship, its the player that makes up the largest portion of how well a ship performs. I could go on about T7 being that most popular tier or wg loving t7 for whatever reason but I wont. Put your trust and skill in your ship and the rest will follow
  3. Rizzeld

    Where is our X3 xp bonus?

    doesn't mean they're wrong
  4. Rizzeld

    Anniversary Celebration

    beat me by 1 second
  5. Rizzeld

    Anniversary Celebration

    for those that don't already know about google heres a general run down of what you need to do http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/94552-solving-the-event-achievements/ you can thank the NA's for that
  6. that I did know, any reason why the missions dont show up in game as well ? is that something that will be changed in the patch tomorrow ?
  7. I have, and what exactly makes them nitpicky? pretty sure i'm not the only one wondering these things, and i'm not asking for step by step, i'm asking for more info! not for you to part the seas, and i have popped in game, I have done some of the missions, but of course they don't show up in game do they, or is that something else i've missed ? maybe you consider them "nitpicky" because you don't know the answer ?, if so, that's fine just say so, let the community know ty for the update, thats all we wanted to know
  8. actually I have, but maybe ive missed something, perhaps you can show me where they're hiding all the details, like how often can I repeat the missions (if at all) can they be completed in co-op, is the earning xp mission base xp or does x2 count ?? can you show me all that info, or do I just stick to reading all the fluff again ?
  9. the lack of information is astounding, gg WG gg indeed
  10. Rizzeld

    Taskforce44 - Sign Up Here!

    sign me up, im always keen to play with my neighbors from across the ditch, or people that have English as a first language (or that can just understand it) I know a few of my mates would be keen as well, but ill have to leave that up to them