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    crashes after 0.5.3 update

    After the update. I also got some random CTD when in Battle. It's not happen everytime. It's so random that i'm not sure what cause this. It's happen like 4 time during yesterday.(The game will crash in 5 second if i try to rejoin battle) and just happen again right now.... The worst part is that yesterday i play CV and get crash from the begining in 3 battle... i feel so ashamed and prabably got report by a lot of people... No mod is use. Hope this is fix soon or i will have to say goodbye to ARP Kongo and Myoko. I feel like a burden to the team so i will stop playing for now.
  2. I'm trying to researching the Japan tree right now. I can alway get around 1000-2000rp a match with ship like Tenryu and Watakatake and even Kawachi but when I play Myogi. For some reason. I never get more than 500rp a match at all... even with 2 or more ship sunk. I can get more rp than this when playing Destroyer and sink only 1 ship. grinding this thing is sooo boring and made me want to stop playing. First i thought it just a research rate of tier IV. but after I play Kuma and easily get 1000-2000 a match. I knew that wasn't the case... Did I do something wrong? or is It just a problem with the game right now?