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  1. Hi there! first thing first, calm down bro It may take awhile but you have to accept the fact that each cruisers may play a different role that has great distinction. Take for example, in Germany's line: Up to tier 6 their AP shells are top notch and shoots at around 6 secs reload time, while at tier 7 we see a huge difference when a heavy cruiser is replaced in the line, performing better with HE rounds at long range and reloads at 12 secs. Now for UK example: At tier 5 onwards, smoke generator is introduced to them, captains gotta learn to slow down to a crawl at close range with some spotters before popping smoke to fire continuously safely. I assume that you're playing Algerie, you're looking at the tier's slowest heavy cruiser with excellent range and shell ballistics. You're so called only "ace" is engine boost which would make you then the fastest ship in the tier. In this case, i would generally play like most Russian cruisers shooting at range to my advantage. I would probably keep firing HEs at 15km against BBs and start to pop engine boost to either kite, tango or escape a fight from 12~13km onwards. I wont bother with APs unless around 9~10.5km against crusiers showing broadsides. You really need patience and accuracy to play Algerie as a second line ship, literally at the same distance or more of your friendly battleship. Now answering some of your questions, playing as Algerie - what is the best way to sinking battleship? - Burn it - what is the main different of unicum cruiser and potato beside the aim and dodging shell? - - how people analyze where is the flank to go? - generally where the DDs go, so as to support them - what is cruiser main strategy in domination mode where you got only 2 DD but enemy have 3 DD - Bite the bullet, thats not your primary role. With its shell velocity, you'll probably DD hunt efficiently at 10km but by then you'd lose the range war, the whole world gonna come down at you and you'd be wondering why again you die so easily. - what to do if battleship ignore to push and enemy battleship is pushing? - This irritates me sometime, but remember, 2nd line cruiser - where is the best positioning the map? invisfiring behind island? - Your range and maneuverability is your best positioning - how did you know where is island to go if you want to camping behind island? - ^ - what to do if there is DD spotting you and enemy battleship is shooting at you? - Run and fight another day. I cant remember the exact number but your detectability is around 13km. If running not possible, fight and kite. - what is better, hide behind sniper battleship and did 0 damage or take the risk going to the front but deal damage. - In this ship case, polish your skill to do more than 0 damage - how to rekt enemy that camp behind island? - just go away - how exactly cruiser most do to carry the game? - Well, if you play your ship's role right. - any other reference? World of warship's wiki generally help explains each ship's role http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships Hope it helps.
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    DAMMIT I just realized post was since 2015 urgh
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    Playing this since CBT, friends left for other games and it has been too lonely.. I WAS WONDERING IF SPOREANS ACTUALLY STILL PLAY IGN: HaruHaruDan Can play all ranks, hit me up I'll add tonight too!!