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    American fighter squadron is over powered.

    Well Zeroes ARE pretty fragile back in the war. Gotta implement that for historical accuracy somehow. Meanwhile...American fighters.
  2. Helmaho_DuSSSC

    Remove St. Louis 100% unhistorical

    This firing rate should only be reserved for Premium Russian ships! No American ship should shoot THIS fast. Won't anyone think of the baBBies!? What will their poor Kawachi/Carolinas do! The Saint Louis is an injustice! A true monster of a boat! I suggest WG nerf the Saint Louis in the following ways: A. Reduce Torpedo Damage B. Reduce Imperial Japanese Navy's Vessel's Turret Traverse Time Plus, just look at the thing. It's ugly as sin, it obviously tempts perfectly good Battleship Players to the path of Sin that is the American Cruiser tree. I rest my case.