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  1. Felli_Cross

    Camo,upgrade sale

    just saw today that theres a 75% off on upgrades and 50%off on ship permanent camo (dunno if t10 is included) Just want to ask if when is the deadline of this sale? cant see any announcement ingame or on the WG site. thanks to the one who will answer my question >.<
  2. Nothing much here, its on the title itself and its a self explanatory sentence. players are paying for a permanent camo for tier 10, why? paying 100k+ credits is bad enough on tier 8-9 imagine a tier 10 ship without that discount from camo. the stats on the present tier 10 camo is good, don't get me wrong, but please, atleast IMPROVE IT, I really hate paying 5000 doubloons for a FADED camo (type 20 republique) just to reduce 50% of my ships repair
  3. Felli_Cross

    Improve the Karma system

    suuure, do this, report the strongest enemy before the match ends 5 times so he cant play next game, that's a good rework
  4. Felli_Cross

    Need a more advanced system against BOT

    I agree with this, just now I'm on a t8-t10 match and the enemy has GZ cv and we have shokaku, after the game starts the GZ already typed our CV is a bot but I didn't believed him, after 2 mins yeah, I noticed, its a bot, same patterns as the CV AI on coop, fighters only hovering on capture points, cv is not even moving, all its planes is shot down after 7 mins or so. EVEN THE WORST CV player will know when to and when not to use the planes on right time, hell the CV on coop is better than this. I've seen tons of mmo with bot farmers and eventually all of it died after some time, trust me, ive been playing mmo since beta of ragnarok (the very 1st ragnarok). If this continues and they are not addressing it, it seems its time to quit the game, I just got t8 and there are bots there. this isn't fun at all either they perma ban those bot users or they shut down the servers, because eventually it will reach there PS. I'm very disappointed on WG
  5. Felli_Cross

    I just found the tankiest ship of all

    do enlighten me please on that saturated part, is it exclusive to fletcher?
  6. So, I don't know if fletcher is supposed to be as tank as the yamato who can catch 6 torps from my udaloi and the 7th one killed him + 2 full salvos of HE (8 Hits and 2 fires) I launch the torps from 3km-ish and moving away from me, its impossible for him to defuse the torps and 7 torp hits ribbon appeared
  7. I'm using Omaha from USA tree, best RoF in my line up right now, I know its possible but its too dam hard, highest hit done so far is 121 (could've done it if it wasn't for my beast team mate who 1 hit most enemies on citadels) maybe ill try ussr DD, might work and have a smoke for extra concealment, started playing just this feb and decided to buy spee, done most of the aigle missions using that spee ^_^
  8. Title says it all, I know its possible to do it but come on, before you even complete it, either your team is getting rekt or the enemy team is already blown up. I just started playing this game since 3rd week of February ( more or less ) and I really find it hard enough to do it and its nearly impossible to do it on certain circumstances.