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  1. in my opinion, flag isn't matter. what makes some player's anger is the description in NA/EU WOWS portal. once apologize is out with the changed description,it's fine for me to see those flag in game. I'm also looking forward to that new function.
  2. Electron_ce

    Shiny new forums!

    It needs time to get used to new forum... not so bad :p
  3. 辛苦了 一直在用你的模組 要終止更新真的很可惜
  4. Electron_ce

    ASIA Q&A, round 1

    Hi Sub ,welcome to Asia! here are my questions: 1. any plans towards to make CV's control more confortable? 2. is it hard to introduce new feature for new ships(or nations)? 3. when checking armor in port,could we split armor out (to check it's single-layer or double)? 4. is there any chance to introde offical armor penetration curves in game? thank you!
  5. Electron_ce

    Match maker broken

    it followed the rules of matchmaker. Tier 8 match->tier6 enconter tier7 is possible. (not talk about balance,but it just work as intended
  6. Electron_ce


    我也有遇到這樣的問題 安全模式啓動游戲或者校驗游戲完整性都沒有作用
  7. Electron_ce


    我也有遇上這種情況 用安全模式進入游戲也沒有效果,特徵是艦船和鏡頭無法移動?也沒法打字 嘗試了檢驗游戲完整性,似乎沒有用 如果你有解決的話請告訴我你是怎麽解決的
  8. Electron_ce


    有一個解決辦法就是在游戲外打好自己想説的話 然後使用複製粘貼的組合鍵來輸入在游戲裏 雖然在激烈的戰鬥中可能速度會有些慢,但是大多數時候夠了
  9. 你現在就説要出PVE戰役的DLC,會不會給人一種欽定的感覺 真要弄的話需要有相當一部分玩家的需求吧 總之一切都是soon ™
  10. Electron_ce


    RNG Random Number Generator(似乎是這個) 隨機數生成器 在戰艦世界裏的表現就是 決定你的炮彈落點分佈在哪 對空火力能不能馬上擊墜敵方飛機 一類
  11. Electron_ce


    http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gunnery_%26_Armor_Penetration 英文wiki有解釋 傷害數值是固定的,但是炮彈的落點是隨機的落在範圍内(集中程度似乎有其他數值決定)
  12. Electron_ce


    理論上來説第二次購買的金船會給你等額達布隆 建議不要使用多出來的達布隆和附送的其他物品,同時繼續耐心等待回饋單
  13. Electron_ce

    "Kantai Collection Movie: Fubuki's Final Story" Thread

    may be "you" are the Admiral
  14. your AP shell might hit the part like AA guns or secondary armament, abd you will see the penetration ribbon with 0 damage.