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  1. 후드가 가장 좋아하는 차는? 후드티
  2. >tier 10 top, Mountain Range >shimakaze, roon and me getting beaten up by 2 DM and 2 khava right in front of a cap >zao behind ally montana and yamato >I call him a sniper, no response >continues sniping behind BBs >circles turn red >one of the enemy DM dying >Zao tries to KS and moves forward >couldn't stand the BS so I tried to kill him >I get shiny new pink nickname, honor to pay fine and free ticket back to the port by self destruction. >loses anyway, because 1 of 3 tier 10 cruisers literally did nothing whatsoever. Bloody hell, I was doing service to the team. This does not make sense. Please, for the love of god, stop sniping. This is not Counter-Strike nor some sort of orange crap throwing catapult simulator. It's a team game. You don't sit idly by when teammates are dying or caps are being taken away. Inappropriate language in title. Post title edited, user warned. ~Syanda
  3. Unbalanced_Game

    does all the player hate usn cv 013?

    Why be triggered? I specifically said "WR below 50%". You are good enough to wield strike CVs. You have excellent stats. I'm not even complaining about the load out itself. (But I do complain about USN CVs being inferior, proven with server-wide ship stats) I am complaining about the vast majority of people who cannot use it. It takes some skill and critical thinking to successfully trick and evade enemy fighters. At the same time, they must also avoid running into cruisers. 1 sortie could end in failure because of 1 cruiser with AAA. Many strike CV players are incapable of that. But your evidence is not convincing enough because CV 2vs2 match is quite rare now days.
  4. Unbalanced_Game

    does all the player hate usn cv 013?

    Anyone who uses all attack USN CV with WR below 50% is a scum, and should think about getting other type of ship. No spot. Failing to deal damage whatsoever No aircover Easy to be sniped Actually, it's really selfish to bring a piece of crap to a CV fight to begin with.
  5. I have 1~2 AFKs, either on our team or enemy team, every match. This is especially bad if it's CV. Sure, some people are poor to afford good internet connection, but that does NOT mean they can just go AFK and ruin everybody's game. The report system? It's more like up and down vote system on forums. If not, why would you limit the number of reports? There could be more than 7 trollers or AFKs everyday if you are unlucky. Besides, how does mere "Plays poorly" or "Misbehavior in chat" help you catching trolls and AFKs? Must be magical no? Teamkills, yeah we get credit compensation for that. The killer's nickname will turn pink and probably get banned. That's fine and reasonable. AFKs? You can't TK him, unlike the pink ones. Your team won't get any sort of compensation. You see them everyday, so one could guess that nothing is being done to them at all. Why?