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  1. cuchilo

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback

    Cant Play my Tier 5 in scenario, will you be refunding money spent on tier 5 premium ships ?.
  2. Yeah same issues after the latest patch/update this morning, massive lag beyond anything i have ever seen before.
  3. cuchilo

    Team killing

    American Destroyer Clemson 4k south of me , firing at enemy 9k North of me, from memory the Clemson only has 5k range on torps. He of course managed to hit me instead, i didn't take it seriously. Thinking i was dealing with a new player, advised him to check the range of his torps. He told me i was an idiot , who should get out off the way of his line of Fire. Some people will never listen to reason or accept that they have made a mistake.