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  1. no problem mod, we only talk about the general and our imaginary version of WoWs not current in-game detail lol.
  2. from what we have experience, me and my friends already agree that this is not WoT version of ships. many of them said this after played WoWs last weekend "WoT too boring now" "when WoWs will up soon". also we agree on yesterday survey that this game is ready to release but with some polishing. weather effect is the one we discuss more and excited if they really bring it into the game. community feature is needed to, like chat room, guild/clan, PM, mail, friendlist, etc. quest/objective, achievement, title, sparepart upgrading, etc. this is some of improvement they can try.
  3. lol, i will not go that far to play the game. the weather effect i suggest is only apply on tactical lvl, not for navigating and else. it will give element of surprise and more deep teamplay. rather than current gameplay, just turn around and shoot'em up.
  4. yeah, wind and weather effect will change the gameplay pretty much for tactical and strategy, if it really implement into the game especially for team/division battle. i will suggest this as a "hard" mode or veteran mode. as the gameplay will hugely need a deep tactical setup and strategies. for illustration, this feature can go like this: before the game, each team will have a brifieng room + time to discuss tactic and strategy. and the map will be randomly choose by server or select by room master. then each team can manually place each ship in start position in their own turf. weather information will available at this phase, and can change randomly in the middle of the game to make it unpredictable. i think this element will make the gameplay pretty much fun and give chances to overturn situation even for the losing side if they can exploit the weather advantage.
  5. i dont think that can make the game fun.with current gameplay it is already hard enough to mastered by casual gamer. adding the actual setting of manual angle option is a little harder to implemented. ASWD button already set for ship controling, and mouse movement for nozzle, left click to fire. the only choice is using scroll, and it will be hard to use.
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    please delete this post. Image removed. ~amade
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    where i can report about errors and bugs? i cant find the section for that here.
  8. yeahh the weather should effect the map dan gameplay.it will be more interesting, also the wave should effect the smaller ship to make it less accurate. since the body cant withstand with the wave that make it shaky and tricky to master it. that would be much more fun to play. i only need 3 games to adjust my accuracy, and holaaa... 80%+ accuracy. need a little more feel of the projectile speed and range it will be 90%+ accuracy.
  9. i would like to take a little idea about real balistic simulation, like in Sniper Elite V2 where winds can effect the ballistic projectile. better to make into like "hard" mode lol. also give some marking on the ship that can be destroyed, also give an achievement about that. like "engine wrecker", or "gun buster" something like that. that perk would be a nice addition to the game.
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    glad, it works now LOL thank you
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    same with me, anyone can help?