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  1. Waiting for Account Wipe. Gonna play again after wipe~

  2. Finally, Tier III. Just few more points and I can get my Kuma and Isokaze back~

  3. ethrundr

    Welcome to the General Discussion

    Isn't it already the time to edit the first post? It's already a Closed Beta now, yet the first post still talks about the Rock-Paper-Scissor Weekend Test and about NDAs.....
  4. CBT coming up soon. My beloved ships, here I come (back)~

  5. ethrundr

    Requesting OFF topic section

    having a dedicated OOT section is surely required for each forum I think
  6. Waiting for Next Test~ Miss my ships already~

  7. imo, the wind will not only affects the ballistic projectile from ships, but also the aircraft flying direction. for my addition to make the battle feel more real, maybe it'll be good to add weather condition to the game, since not all battle are happening in bright, sunny weather. sometimes it happened in a middle of storm, in a misty night, in a light rain, in a high sea current, or even in a snowy day. all of these types of weather of course will affect the battle, ship condition, ballistics and its projectiles. however, I realize that to make all of this is not a simple feat.
  8. ethrundr

    IJN to army medal

    ah I see those are real medals, or just replica?
  9. Eagerly waiting for the Weekend Test.

  10. ethrundr

    IJN to army medal

    what are those, exactly? I still doesn't understand even after visiting the link...