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  1. Reset_kala

    WTF Leone

    stuck at the last 3 badge. i had completed all those Italian mission. seem like WG asking for money again. 😂 i wont take that bait.
  2. Reset_kala

    WTF Leone

    wait , you can get it for free? 😨
  3. Reset_kala

    Recommending the game Survey

    tbh, those are players from china. if not mistaken...
  4. Reset_kala

    Lepanto is so frustrating

    alsace can do better than lepanto. so much pain when grinding lepanto. hate it so much.
  5. Reset_kala

    Update 0.11.2: Italian Destroyers. Part 1

    true story. wg dont want those bot to earn free credit probably.
  6. Reset_kala

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.10.11

    great advice, wg should stop those time limited for the event. hate it so much, feel like parent setting the strict play time during the weekend.
  7. 这几率肯定改了,以前煤保底800,给到足足。连今年的圣诞活都缩水了,10级船给sc箱子好过用票子换圣诞箱子。20张船票换4个圣诞大箱子,满心期待可以开出最少一艘船,结果旗子皮肤丢我一脸。哎。。
  8. Reset_kala

    Santa Container Drops (Post your luck)

    4 mega crate , 2 camo , 2 flag. pain
  9. Reset_kala

    About BOT

    true story.
  10. Reset_kala

    [活動] 亞服:六週年活動

    免费箱子开出米姐, 一本满足。
  11. same here, really regret about it. should have trade my fdr for other steel ship.
  12. Reset_kala

    Ranked MM - hybrid CVs

    too bad , rank game is full of bot/script player. there are here for the free steel.
  13. Reset_kala

    Please, I need logical answer.

    yeah that's what i mean, those bot basically get free steel and doubloon if their teammate fight hard to win. basically i rather start the toxic war with that toxix speak guy, you want it, come get some. and sometime getting insulted in game can motivate my play style.
  14. Reset_kala

    Please, I need logical answer.

    if this report is about a game or bot issue, wg simply copy and paste reply. yeah, wg lack of human power do you know that bot also join those rank game? we play so hard to win those steel, then some random bot decide to suicided himself. you know that feel? don't you?