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  1. Reset_kala

    Please, I need logical answer.

    yeah that's what i mean, those bot basically get free steel and doubloon if their teammate fight hard to win. basically i rather start the toxic war with that toxix speak guy, you want it, come get some. and sometime getting insulted in game can motivate my play style.
  2. Reset_kala

    Please, I need logical answer.

    if this report is about a game or bot issue, wg simply copy and paste reply. yeah, wg lack of human power do you know that bot also join those rank game? we play so hard to win those steel, then some random bot decide to suicided himself. you know that feel? don't you?
  3. Reset_kala

    Please, I need logical answer.

    yeah, we all know that wg worker being lazy again.
  4. Reset_kala


  5. Reset_kala


    先说说你的缺点吧,投诉偷人头的基本没什么团队意识,公频开骂基本就是把炮火往自己身上砸(天城应该是被火烧到恼怒了)下次自己注意点就是了 反正中国玩家就是为了骂人而骂人,素质差到极点。遇到这类的直接喷回去,举报的没卵用就是了。这游戏里面应该还有一些共青团的玩家,喊个T子no 1,就会随机的几率被队友宰了。啊,还有那些脚本/开挂的中国玩家也是惹人厌。
  6. 拼命几十场,还在7级徘徊。简直心态炸裂
  7. Reset_kala

    Guess they run out of ships to give me ....

    one of my favourite ship, russian ship never make u disappointed. meanwhile, i got her yesterday.
  8. Reset_kala

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    probably best gift from wg before the end of 2020.
  9. no way! NO WAY ! it must be 15 pieces of flag inside that santa box !
  10. omfg i think i lost my flag santa box! is there anyway i can reactivate the task that i missed? i just realize it today that i miss 1 task..
  11. common sense , its just a inflation.
  12. Reset_kala

    Lmao, CV Balanced they said.

    "we need more nerf to the cv ! we are not satisfy about the cv nerf! need more nerf for the annoying cv! cv op" : they said. 😀 WG : OK , GOT IT.
  13. 看主题就已经知道哪国人在埋怨了。见怪不怪了。
  14. Reset_kala

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    1 years, it take 1fking years to get a free premium ship