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  1. those admin self claim auto bot detection is totally liar. yeah, just meet another auto bot walking at the edge of the map. that's why i am here and found out admin removed the report thread. shame on you
  2. Reset_kala

    Has ANYTHING changed in the last 4 years?

    and, bot herding. yes , please stay at NA don't come back sea server.
  3. Reset_kala

    benson hull c is gone

    just found out wg removed it. thanks, i dont have the habit to read those patch , its as many words as a dictionary. case closed.
  4. Reset_kala

    benson hull c is gone

    i was grinding benson want to skip hull b and go for hull c, after 0.9.6 updated, the choice is gone, did i miss something or bug?
  5. couldn't agree more, as long as its about business, WG closed half of their eyes pretend they never see those bot/farmer before. if those bot/farmer can migrate to na/eu server how i wish it happen.😀
  6. Reset_kala


    you had no idea how cheap is that bot program sold in taobao, there is a company owning money from making these bot/script program. as long as these company exist, there will not be the end of these bot story.
  7. Reset_kala

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    bro, u need to add those credit card to get 7 days experience for the prime? why nowadays wg make those freebies so hard to get? cant you just put a simple button for us to press on for the freebies? oh boi back in the old days, weegee put a button news webpage , user click it and they received those freebies. now, it changes, weegee changed ,disappointed
  8. Reset_kala


    有玩8 级 以及10级的日航都知道,投弹鸡如果正面上的话基本只能投一轮就给灭了,这货只能靠山吃饭的飞机基本上给废了武功(5秒冷却攻击),而且一轮的攻击也不过1,2个核心(运气好),不疼不痒吧? wg就是鄙视日/德舰船 服不服?不服卖船别玩,wg里面一大堆bot玩家抢着玩。wg才不稀罕论坛玩家的吱吱声抗议。
  9. Reset_kala

    collection button is gone

    so other collection left are expired events. ok got it.
  10. Reset_kala

    collection button is gone

    but i just finished the Isoroku Yamamoto collection via daily containers subscription last few days ago, before this patch i could choose to collect those collection as i like. after patch, the button is gone . hmm.... did wg think player earn coal too easy nowadays? force us to spend coal on those boxes?
  11. Reset_kala

    collection button is gone

    i cant find any enable button for the collection section, is this bug or wg stop this function some time ago ?
  12. Reset_kala

    Hololive Promo Event Doesn't Work

    dmm doesnt like outsider messing with their jp player so they ban outsider ip and wg did mention it that it will be on sale soon so one solution for this : money. buy it. u aint gonna take that freebies anyway.😀
  13. Reset_kala

    [Asia Exclusive] Get Hololive Commanders for Free!

    this method not working since dmm ban outsider IP, found wows but it wont allow you to download the game. the dmm launcher is buggy as hell. casual player are not allow to have these freebies , please use your money to buy those cute girl. support them with your money ! said WG.
  14. Reset_kala

    [亞服限定] 免費獲取 Hololive 指揮官!

    然后dmm 坚决歧视外国人 坚决 ban 外国ip。 😀 vpn?那种延迟炮弹会气到你得心脏病。
  15. Reset_kala

    [Asia Exclusive] Get Hololive Commanders for Free!

    give clear instructions please, dmm launcher is really confusing player!