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  1. Reset_kala


    i detonate a full hp yamato with shokaku tbd , 1 hit. no joke ,haha
  2. Reset_kala

    anyone updated driver Geforce v.375.86

    nvidia super fanss! support nvidia forever
  3. Reset_kala

    So somehow I am the one to blame for seal clubbing now?

    u don't post nobody knew. sometime stay low profile is better. else, red crayon coming again. saw a lot thread of yours in deleted bin .
  4. Reset_kala

    North Carolina AA impression

    personally love to bomb ijn ship, will leave nc alone if i have to.
  5. since that is official(china) crowd fund, so probably they need a admission from wg before kong zhong held this campaign(money). so license wont be problem....maybe... my 2 cents 1/700 model worth usd 24.50. for me, this thing aint cheap.
  6. well, their donation reward are great. uss missouri model 1:700 ,wows clock, 3d sticker, wows poster, car sticker and flags. yeah , its LIMITED ITEM! pay 9 yuan and get your beta access !
  7. Reset_kala


    send those 7 R to those potato . nothing we can do about this.
  8. time is gold. never get 3rd container. that 35k req is too much for me. hope wg would lower the req for 3rd container.
  9. Reset_kala

    "Try your luck" container rename

    the only thing i want to complain was that 12500 exp and 37000 exp require to open the container are way too highhh for me! especially busy man who want to get the second container WG please lower the exp require. and ya 4. You're an idiot if you expect something mildly special from us. i do agree. 5 flag everyday. a big [content removed] on my face Profanity. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  10. Reset_kala

    Why sudden increase in CV's players ?

    everytime bb gaming experience.
  11. mm dont like to wait. so it start the game. cv 1 v 1. tier 8 and 9 common case.
  12. Reset_kala

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    3000xp from the second box... the best i got..
  13. Reset_kala

    SHIT potatoes.

    no red crayon appear, admin approve it probably