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  1. Tfw when you play too skillfully and get called a hacker.

  2. Hakurouken

    New Trailer

    That ram...
  3. Hakurouken

    Weekend 2 infographics

    I have to admit I never saw that coming, given how cruisers were assumed to be the AA kings.
  4. Hakurouken

    what Naval ship do like and explain why

    Maybe because they are more logistics-based ships and don't really stand out - Combat or otherwise.
  5. Was not sure about the desired degree of realism desired but my final point - that opening the proverbial can of worms does not seem to coincide with the design decisions seen so far, still stands I believe. I was thinking that, going down this train of thought, many things could be done in the realistic department, but it would not see light given the nature of the game. Which, in my opinion, is not exactly a bad thing either. One thing that could be considered, if WoWS is to change up from WoT's formula of 'point n click', could be the provision of main turret groupings to allow proficient players to hit multiple targets and prevent unecessary movement of the rear turrets (which might result in increased time taken to line up the next shot). Not sure how much of a bother this might prove to be though.
  6. Hakurouken

    what Naval ship do like and explain why

    UCHUU SENKAN YAMATO! Always loved that wave motion gun.
  7. In addition to this captains will constantly be communicating with each other to ensure that the strike force achieves its objectives. The mode could even be hugely realistic - perhaps bordering on realism with players given compass, pencil and protractor tools in the strategic overview to do their calculations and ensure their ships proceed on optimal heading to do the most damage to enemy ships. Players would have to estimate the parameters of enemy ships as well as the windspeed to key into a computer of sorts to obtain the targeting data they need. This would definitely make the game much deeper, complex and challenging for veteran players. ...Unfortunately such a mode - even without the overly realistic aspects, doesn't seem to be congruent with the design decisions made to this game, given that it is on the "arcade" end of the spectrum as compared to realistic.
  8. Hakurouken

    U-505 German Type IXC

    Really good thread and fantastic images. I liked the focus on the U-boat interior as compared to combat history and etc that can be found on the Internet. Really good write-up!
  9. Hakurouken

    Requesting OFF topic section

    I think this is what's on most of our minds
  10. If ballistics are to be affected by wind then will carriers have to turn into headwind to launch planes as well? Because looking too much into the effects of wind sounds like opening a can of worms to me.
  11. Hakurouken

    what Naval ship do like and explain why

    I have to concur most of the points. In actuality the BBV program was pretty much worthless and many of the methods of execution and their deployment were questionable, but I still found it an interesting concept in its own right. Additionally, the removal of the rear turrets still allowed the Ise-class to have the same main armament as a Kongo-Class (4x2 35.6s), but its trade-off is speed in return for the ability to launch it's own air cover. In terms of AA and secondary armaments, both are comparable. Due to this I do not see it's implementation to be that big an issue balance-wise, perhaps it could be a T5 BBV. Though as you have mentioned, there may be a need to compromise some degree of historical accuracy. I just think that given the state of pub games and the lack of cruiser + BB teamwork, a BBV could be an interesting addition.
  12. Hakurouken

    what Naval ship do like and explain why

    Why no Yamashiro D: I really like the concept behind the Ise-class battleships though, even though they did not see the concept put to much combat. Would be interesting to see it in WoWS though, wonder how players would play a CV/BB hybrid that compromises on firepower and plane capacity for the sake of having both. Sounds like they would have air cover but cannot go full on broadsiding against actual BBs, making for a bit of interesting variation in playstyle.
  13. Hakurouken

    When is the next play?

    Don't get corrupted and inducted into the abyssal fleet. D: Jokes aside, this has been a great thread that has answered many of my questions I had about the beta and CBT, thanks guys!
  14. Hakurouken

    what Naval ship do like and explain why

    Maybe one of the modules would be the addition of a 9mm hand gun and double edged oar.