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  1. Zuikamelon


    BTW, What is happening =_=
  2. Zuikamelon


    Here, plus 1 its now -999997
  3. Zuikamelon

    CV's and their lack of movement

    Try to tell them to move with the team. In real life, they are escorted by other warships. or may be you can go and escort the cv(s).
  4. Zuikamelon

    Its here..and I like it-Kiev DD

    Wow! thats a nice ship Cant wait to sail her out
  5. Zuikamelon

    [MOD] Kongou fog aoki hakane - skin

    Second~poi Nice skin! Kibazaa sama~ +1
  6. Zuikamelon

    What is the number on reticle is?

    hmmmm......... I'm not really sure about this, but you could try playing as a cruiser ( that have great reload time ) and try firing some shots at different distant ahead of the enemy. Sorry if I'm no helping much cuzz I'm having trouble with my wifi router right now( means that i can't play WoWs for a few days)
  7. Zuikamelon

    Chat box problem?

    This is a link to that mod -> http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/40321-modgui04x-prehistorics-dirty-no-chat-mod-wows-edition/
  8. Zuikamelon

    Wishing this hobby gets more love

    There is actually a video in youtube of an RC Aircraft Carrier that could operate plane | | \/
  9. Zuikamelon

    Is Hotspot a better map?

    Hotspot is a great map if you're playing as a low tier destroyers with low torpedo range
  10. Zuikamelon

    Receive Close Quarters Expert with a DD ?

    Nice! Great Job ! +1
  11. Zuikamelon

    Atako Aoki hagane X Neuroi Strike Witch Skin

    Can you also do the kongo skin?
  12. Zuikamelon

    New Player Frequently Asked Questions

  13. Zuikamelon

    Tier 6 Russian Destroyer [DD] OP Ognevoi

    Yeah... Seen a lot of game plays about Ogy. Its a nice ship. Waiting for day it will release in the obt server
  14. Zuikamelon

    Atako Aoki hagane X Neuroi Strike Witch Skin

    wow! nice +1