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  1. bazz1027

    Yay, another new line release (sarcasm)

    Hmmm! let me see 1mil Free XP for the Alaska, Friesland but 2 mil Free XP for the Smaland? What kind of Russian jungle juice are they sipping over there in St Petersburg? I understand the need or desire for WG to soak up in-game credit (Coal, Credits and Various XP) but considering the recent lapses in-gaming judgment ie PR this Commander is feeling a little jaded. Of course, if they get us to use up our in-game credits we will spend real cash and they make money, GOOD LUCK with that plan, try plan B
  2. bazz1027


    It's as funny as hell - I've already stocked up on speed and ramming flags........
  3. bazz1027

    Super Containers

    yep! I feel your pain, I'm out to over 2 months since the last SC and I usually get the 3 normal each day @ 15 - 20 games per day I don't get it!!
  4. bazz1027

    Belle Epoque Collection

    Thanks for the info and your time to reply Bazz
  5. bazz1027

    Belle Epoque Collection

    Hi all I have an incomplete collection, and I was wondering if anyone knew how to get EP containers to finish the collection off?? "if that's at all possible!! Ant thoughts would be appreciated Thank in advance Bazz
  6. bazz1027

    Mac Crashes

    Nope! Something really wrong here, still get an NA server login screen........ Back to the drawing board 😞
  7. bazz1027

    Mac Crashes

    Thanks RalphTTC I'll give it a go
  8. bazz1027

    Mac Crashes

    Thanks RalphTTC Yep, at first I think you are right but since then I have uninstalled and re-downloaded making sure that I did actually download from Asia...... So, is it possible to download NA from Asia server?? cheers
  9. bazz1027

    Mac Crashes

    Hey guy's and gal's Not meaning to hijack the thread "BUT" I too am having some issues with crashes so I deleted WoWs and reloaded it, but I only get a NA server logon yet I am usually be on the Asia sever. Don't matter how I try I can get an Asia logon (yep =- downloaded from asia server) Are there any guides/ tutorials (ha ha ha ) to give me some ideas Thanks in advance Bazz
  10. bazz1027

    wargaming invite

    Aaah! Thank you Bazz
  11. bazz1027

    wargaming invite

    I don't think so.... This is what was in the email "Alpha Test of Total War: ARENA " but clearly I have no idea Thanks
  12. bazz1027

    wargaming invite

    Hi I just received an email with an invite to redeem the Alpha Test code!!!!! I'm not sure what this means so could someone be kind enough to explain what this means... Thanks in advance Bazz
  13. bazz1027

    Several in game issues

    All of these issues have commenced since 7.11 was installed previous to that none of the listed issues had been present or noticed if they were there and the game ran close to perfectly 1. At login the loading screen need to be connected at least twice every time I load the game ( that is the big orange button) when pressed it goes dull and the chimes are heard but it comes back to being high lighted 2. The game is crashing frequently, prior to 7.11 I only experienced a small number of crashes over 3 years now it's happening regularly. 3. When in game there are "phantom" enemies appearing on screen, not shown on the mini map and only appear for a split second up to 2-3 seconds My actions to resolve these issues have been to reload the game several times and keep a close eye on my internet speeds Anyway, if someone has any ideas I'd appreciate your thoughts Bazz
  14. bazz1027

    Games freezes

    Since the new update the game freezes at the end of a battle just as i am returning to port any other takers
  15. bazz1027

    Credit Modifiers

    OK, Thanks