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  1. OoVinFIenDoO

    ARP challenge frustrating

    thanks! I HOPE I get to scrape it home in time.....I would be devastated to get so close and then miss out (I have only 13K damage left to do to CV...and the top 5 thing, but that's pretty easy)....only 75K into the Tier4-5 one...that won't take too long though...i hope lol (couple of hours maybe)...I've been playing ALL DAY just for 35K damage to CVs lol (LOTS of xp etc ...but not that magical CV dmg I covet sooooo much lol)
  2. OoVinFIenDoO

    Anyone else from Oz can't connect?

    I finally got it sorted...I had to redownload the entire game...again lol.
  3. OoVinFIenDoO

    ARP Nachi

    hey guys...when does the ARP challenge actually finish? as in how many hrs left?
  4. OoVinFIenDoO

    ARP Nachi

    never mind ...MeloMelon seems to have answered ha!
  5. OoVinFIenDoO

    ARP Nachi

    How did yo do this wondrous and magical thing? .....armour piercing ammo with plunging fire? Or point blank with armour piercing?
  6. OoVinFIenDoO

    ARP challenge frustrating

    When do the ARP missions actually finish? It says on the 2nd, but is that at midnight? Server reset time? UT? Or when the clock rolls over to the 2nd (tonight?) I ask coz I am stuck on the Tier 6+ ARP challenge with only 15K damage to CVs to go (but it's turning out to be insanely frustrating...I almost seem to be cursed....the last time I had TWO CVs in my torp range, the absolute edge of an island decides to catch me and stop me literally dead in the water...and worse is that I was then somehow stuck as well....so as I watched the end of my ARP mission sail away, I was devastated by a cruiser that was just hangin around...prob couldn't believe his luck......the time before that, I was within 5km of a CV in my tier 7 DD....I launched all my torps (which ended up being a miss) and when I changed to my gun to just fire at him, the game decides to crash...completely freeze...unbelievable ...I have come to the conclusion that the game hates me and that I am cursed) ....I haven't even bothered with the other mission yet (I figure I can get 500K damage in about 20 games at that tier...I usually do about 50K damage per game at tier 4-5 in a BB...a couple hours playing max)...If anyone else needs help and wants to collude, let me know and there must be a way we can work something out lol ...
  7. OoVinFIenDoO

    Anyone else from Oz can't connect?

    FML...I just changed the DL speed from 'unlimited' to 1mb/second (coz it was throttling my entire NBN connection to death) ....and now, for some unfathomable reason, the bloody game updater decides to start the 7 gig download again.... from the start ...4 gig just ...poooof....gone.... (this is the kinda thing I am referring to in my sooky diatribe above)
  8. OoVinFIenDoO

    Anyone else from Oz can't connect?

    thanks for answering back guys. I have capitulated and am re-installing.....still have about 5 gig to go.....so I suppose I've lost today regarding the ARP missions (that's provided that a re-install works...also lost a day of Premium too....fun fun fun ha)....I REALLY hope that this fixes it (I have no idea why one day it works fine and the next it doesn't.....I've been playing WoT360 for years and the console team is meticulous...I've only been playing the PC wargaming stuff for a few months....it seems way sloppier in general.....the graphics are better... sorta...but the general housekeeping and everything else seems to be less polished....I've even had a purchase go wrong/missing.....never ever happens like this on the console....I REALLY hope WG have plans/manage to bring WoWs and WoWp to console too ...just coz it seems to be a tighter run enterprise in general...even though the graphics won't be as pretty....at least the servers are ALWAYS chokka block full) ....ah well...I just hope this fixes it (fingers crossed....coz I love WoWs and I love Arrpegio of Blue Steel and I'll be ropeable if I miss out ha)
  9. OoVinFIenDoO

    ARP challenge frustrating

    The DD part drove me CRAZY. It took me about 80+ battles and about 2 weeks of playing. I finished the Cruiser and the BB parts in 2 games each. I am about to embark on the CV part....with only a couple of days to go I am beginning to despair. (btw, I tried to get on this morning and couldn't even connect...I am re-downloading the game right now)....somehow I don't think it's gonna happen. Not the most well thought out Mission parameters....but that's Wargaming for you (they are MASTERS of badly thought out missions....I wonder if it's done by committee and the committee is just overly hyped on coffee and don't think anything through....evvveeerrr....or they are astoundingly idiotic....or they are master Trolls.....personally I think it's the first one....I don't think many of them actually play the game.....just like a Guitar maker doesn't necessarily even play the instrument...he could tune it for you, but he couldn't actually 'play' it). I think my only chance (IF I can ever manage to reconnect to this bloody server), is to ask the team nicely if I could have the meat and someone else can have the kill....35k - 50k HP pool for most CVs, so you only have to kill a couple. Or maybe send a msg to the CV on the other team and ask him nicely if you can kill him lol
  10. I can't connect to the Asia Server. It's driving me insane. Nothing has changed at my end since I was connected yesterday. I NEED to finish the ARP missions (It too me a LONG time to get through the DD part of the TierVI+ ARP mission....frustration supreme....100K is a LOT of damage to do to DDs). Is anyone else having trouble connecting? I NEED to fix this problem, coz if I can't finish the ARP missions and I miss out on the two ARP ships, I will be so despondent that I will literally lick the paint of the walls, then go and count carpet fibres for the rest of my life. Before I delete and re-download the game, I thought I would just ask first if anyone else was having problems....so ..anyone else having problems (the website says that the server is up and the number of ppl playing changes after I reload the page, so ppl are getting on obviously...so why can't I? All that I can think of is some kind of problem at the big servers at OPTUS and they don't wanna play ball with the servers in SEA)...at my wits end