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  1. pradonavy


    Hi everyone yesterday ready to play a game then my Internet Server dropped out it crashed .I then had to restart the PC then i had to log into WOWS again the game had finished and i was then AFKed.I was then Pink ship for 3 battles.Not happy for the warnings i got and been a pink ship
  2. pradonavy

    Technical issues found.

    Trying to play the game i can not log in the game I have been disconnected from server.The same from last night.time is 1530
  3. pradonavy

    Technical issues found.

    I can log in to play the game from 2035
  4. pradonavy

    Technical issues found.

    I have been unable to connect.It says i have been disconnected from the server.
  5. The launcher has just downloaded the update and the game is working thank you SlamUez for your help.
  6. The new launcher override the old launcher so i can not use old launcher
  7. I can not download the new update .6.10 can any one help me please.
  8. pradonavy

    Lunear New year (SHIP)

    MatterCore thank you for your help it did work i have my new ship.
  9. pradonavy

    Lunear New year (SHIP)

    I have done all of the Dragon missions but have not got the Dragon ship.
  10. Thank you i Repeated the Task again and it worked thank you.
  11. In The Hunt for Graf Spee. In Mission 1 i have done Task 1 and 2.I can not get the 3rd pin to then do final Task there is no 3rd Task I am in the Asia Server Area.
  12. pradonavy

    No one seems to be having lag issues

    Here in Australia i have been having bad lag for 3 weeks.
  13. I pradonavy have got my ARP SHIP KONGO.To use the ARP Kongo in battle you have to use the Yokosuka Port then go in to battle with your Kongo ship.