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  1. G_Lutjens

    indonesian WoWs community

    maybe u need to look back how u registered in game......
  2. G_Lutjens

    indonesian WoWs community

    absolutly my fellow captains....
  3. G_Lutjens

    indonesian WoWs community

    i still search how to make this topic discussion to speak in indonesian language. if u know how to please tell me.....
  4. G_Lutjens

    indonesian WoWs community

    everyone, this is a new game. so there is no wrong that game have some bugs and problem. so i hope we are little bit more patience i believe that game developers will repair and adjusting the game, so we can play with peace and no worry's again thank you !
  5. G_Lutjens

    indonesian WoWs community

    this is new game, so it will take a while to adjust the graphic on the device. even i have a same problem, but i can understand that there may be some solution, such as your graphic card need to upgraded, or your RAM. but in the future i hope that WARGAMING.NET will repair that problem with lowering the recruitment for device so we can play WoWs even your device in low condition in graphic and RAM.
  6. G_Lutjens

    indonesian WoWs community

    We're sorry about this We will use the commoning language in the future Thank you
  7. welcome selamat datang para commanders n fellow captain Non-English. Member Warned. ~dead_man_walking. Please keep to the stipulated languages for the forum sections (in this case English).
  8. G_Lutjens

    World of Warships app for Android and iOS

    that was the best idea i ever heard
  9. when wargaming.net add indonesian language in to world of warships ?
  10. G_Lutjens

    about the next update

  11. G_Lutjens

    about the next update

    tell the the others from indonesia or can speak in indonesian they not alone we're here use code to knowing u r from indonesia
  12. i want to know how to get a invitation code ?