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  1. SloMobius

    Server Transfer disappointment

    Well, it finally got sorted, thankyou all for your replies, merry christmas, happy new year, and can a mod get around to closing this thread at some point please? No longer needed.
  2. SloMobius

    Server Transfer disappointment

    I've heard nothing since i raised my original tickets, and got snubbed on both. Anyone feel like tagging a moderator or community manager for me so someone with some pull can get involved? I don't know any of them
  3. SloMobius

    Server Transfer disappointment

    Honestly, if i was a cynical man, i would say that WG is just waiting for my prem. time to run out (5 days) because i haven't been able to access my ASIA account since the 20th
  4. Hey guys, 1st post, sorry it's a bit of a rant. Anyone else still waiting for their server transfers to be completed? The article on the website stated that the transfers would all be completed by the 10th of December, but, 10 days later, i am still waiting. All i want to do, is play with my mates on the NA server, and I've been stuck in limbo for over a week now. I've raised 2 tickets with WG player support since then, and both times, the answer has come back as, basically, shut up, we're busy. Anyone else stuck in the same situation? Or is it just me?