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  1. iDd_Sloth

    Possible cheating player?

    This is in reference to the old CV where they are a set number of aircraft, when you're out of planes that it and there's nothing you can do about it. While now, it's a technicality ... you can stress it out where the CV can only have a fewer number of aircraft per flight but the bottom line is ... it not limited to a finite number anymore. Your context is based on an experienced player who knows how to mitigate or at least deter the aircraft from making a strike on you. But based on random games and sometimes on low rank games, players generally tend to wander alone. The result is usually a death sentence. Or in some occasion the CV is just really that determined. In a context of pro vs pro, it's comes down to who's the better CV player. Once the other is taken out, it's usually all downhill for the one who lost the CV. Being that the other team now has the advantage of as stated vision and strike. ------------------------------------------------------------------ In no way I'm stating that I don't like CVs. They are here to stay and people should get over it. I've come to accept the fact that they are here and part of the game, just stating some obvious facts in general and not situational. And that they should be included in KOTS.
  2. iDd_Sloth

    Possible cheating player?

    CV's right now unlike before have unlimited planes and they will always have a stock of planes unless that CV player is a stupe. CV's specially with a skilled and experienced player is basically the most loopsided ship class in this game. And they LOVE taking out DD's. If they want to take you out, you are good as dead.
  3. iDd_Sloth


    There's no need to reset. Just redo/reselect the missions that you've done.
  4. iDd_Sloth


    Code worked. +2 containers. Thank you.
  5. Armored Cruisers design fell out of favor after WW I. The armored cruiser was not a close ancestor of heavy cruisers, even though the name might suggest this. Armored cruiser is the direct predecessor of and inspiration for the battlecruiser. The heavy cruiser was a direct product of the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922, which limited cruisers to a standard displacement of no more than 10,000 tons, with main guns not exceeding 8 inches (203 mm) caliber.
  6. iDd_Sloth

    I hate Drake even more now

    Just power through the grind, grind only when you want to. Slow as it may be, at least you're taking it one step at a time.
  7. iDd_Sloth

    8:58 Narai UPDATE Faster one within

    Excellent then! Dang! Nice mate! ---------------------------- edit: Just noticed, you finished it BEFORE even the transport arrived. You wiped them all out before the missions could even trigger.
  8. iDd_Sloth

    8:58 Narai UPDATE Faster one within

    People play ops just not at these hours. There's a lot on morning and early evening. I love Narai it's T7 after all.
  9. iDd_Sloth

    Battling 2 tiers higher

    Instead of looking at it half empty, look at it half full. When dealing damage to ships +2 tier than you, you'd gain the max XP for % damage dealt on them. Less work for more rewards specially if you're an HE flinger. I'd say torpedo but that's harder to pull off.
  10. iDd_Sloth

    cruiser are pretty useless now

    CV's have a high learning curve. Everyone has access to them but to fully exploit their benefits is hard to master. Games can be won/lost due to competency of the CV player. When you play CV the game falls on that said player. You are expected to do everything (spot, fighter cover, damage, locate enemy CV, allied request, take out DDs), that's a tall order even for an experienced player how much more of someone with less than 500 games. They have the slowest/weakest torpedoes due to the fact that almost nothing can counter them not even AA DFA. The only hard counter for CV (not counting CV)is by moving in a fleet formation but then again you'd herded to a certain location any lone ships are doomed. Again CV's are not for everyone.
  11. iDd_Sloth

    Possible cheating player?

    That's not enough of a measure, wait 'til it reaches in the several hundreds then the curve will flatten. If they are quite experience then, that's very possible ... specially if the battle counts is still less than 100 and with a div.
  12. iDd_Sloth

    why you did this ?

    Clan battles and they decided to commit suicide? Unsportsmanlike conduct.
  13. iDd_Sloth

    Journey to the West containers

    WOW! For 10 crates you got the 2 T9 and that nice T8 CV.
  14. iDd_Sloth

    Fastest Battleship Ingame Right Now...

    No BB is as agile as the Vanguard. That's her gimmick. She's the only BB that can move like that. Not speed but agility.
  15. iDd_Sloth

    So I Got The Georgia, But...

    No BB with all that armor can move that fast @Georgia's level. Something has to give to get speed. Armor or Gun size. If you decrease the gun size and speed you'd get the Iowas. If you want more armor+16" guns and further decrease speed then you'd get the Izumo. If you want armor all over+16" guns but shorter range + exposed citadel+RU BB gimmick then you'd get the S.Soyuz. If you want to be technically well armored +16" guns with good accuracy but at the cost of speed+reload then there's the Minnesota. The rest are 15" guns.