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  1. iDd_Sloth

    Voiceover for the new commanders?

    Set Audio to standard and click any of the F1-F12 Quick messages and you'd hear a FAINT roar in the background. That's it and the horn is replaced with their respective roars.
  2. iDd_Sloth

    Where is my KONG ????

    It would've been nice if Kong + Godzilla would be visible in-game just like the camo for Yammy with a Crab.
  3. iDd_Sloth

    Just gotten the Z-31 Tier 7 German DD

    Pro: Good accurate gun. And High HP pool for a DD. Has Armor. Con: Slow reload. Slow Torpedo speed. Big Target. Has Armor.
  4. iDd_Sloth

    Best CV at tier 6?

    T6? T8 go for NTRprise or the discount one Kaga.
  5. iDd_Sloth

    SuperBattleship, Satsuma and Hannover

    Although I thank you for sharing pics of said ships but .... Isn't there a gag order for this one?
  6. These supah bottlesheeps starts as event ships ... Then few patches along the line, they would announce ... you'd get the HONOR to add these ships in your collection thru ... steel/RB/ or $$$$$(300-400 USD).
  7. More dockyard? Ugh. It already has lost its flavor. They've been milking this nonstop, it has lost it's uniqueness and exclusivity.
  8. iDd_Sloth

    New to Research Bureau

    What you love playing is what you'd be going for. DD/CV/CA or BB. Personally I love BB so, it's no question ... it'd be the Ohio for me.
  9. iDd_Sloth

    Code for Korean Children's day

    Thank you very much!
  10. iDd_Sloth

    Pepegacy #1

    I had the reverse, I was using firefox earlier and had to change to chrome for it to work. Thanks for the reply.
  11. iDd_Sloth

    Pepegacy #1

    Ok .. I see it now, I had to change browsers. Today I learned a new word ... PEPEGA! That CV rocketed his own cruiser to deny you a kill? That was some sick dive bomber strike (spin a win) Sick move by the Mogador! That Yamato looks weird! What kind of Mod is that? Atago literally jumped out of the water! ------------------------------------------- Nice video!
  12. iDd_Sloth

    Pepegacy #1

    Did refresh, close browser, revisited forums and still no video or link. This is what I see. Too bad though that I can't, but I can see a square link with nothing on it when I do a mouseover hover.
  13. iDd_Sloth

    Pepegacy #1

    I would love to watch but it seems that the video has been remove by owner?
  14. iDd_Sloth

    Mogami question

    The heavy hitting 203's or the rain of 155 shells which erodes your HP bit by bit.
  15. iDd_Sloth

    14 Days of Premium Account as a Gift!

    Offer is not yet available.