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  1. iDd_Sloth

    Advice: Dutch Cruiser missions.

    That's a lot of operations. 40 ops with the average of 1K per operation.
  2. iDd_Sloth

    R/C model Ship Lovers!

    Here we have: Tirpitz Space Battleship Yamato with Water spouting Yamato Cannon King George V Yamato with traversing + elevating main guns A modern Helicopter Destroyer A small Japanese WW II warship used as a platform for deploying mini subs / tenders A beautiful Shinano with lots of detail A WW II Japanese Heavy Cruiser with traversing + elevating main guns A happy bobbing U-Boat Hope you enjoy fellow Warship enthusiasts!
  3. iDd_Sloth

    BLUF - Episode 18 - Fiji

    Good one. I'm waiting for your Edinburgh review, would love to watch that. Dropped you a sub mate.
  4. iDd_Sloth

    Can we give an Applause to the Official Discord Server?

    Strange that a game collaborates and promotes anime to ban/purge ANIME cotent. Something is definitely wrong about that.
  5. iDd_Sloth

    Can we give an Applause to the Official Discord Server?

    Oh? The channel ... I thought that it was everywhere in the game. Was it something about political side or value or something on anime that mentions about their standing against people of authority? Must be one of those ...
  6. iDd_Sloth

    Gimme yo Money (T10 Napoli)

    I'm still waiting for the UGLY Kearsarge, Incomparable and Repulse. I hope they would either be in Coal / FXP and dubs for the Repulse.(PLS no to loot box like Agincourt)
  7. iDd_Sloth

    Can we give an Applause to the Official Discord Server?

    Don't we have ARP, AL and now this upcoming Galaxy something collaboration. Aren't they anime related?
  8. iDd_Sloth

    New Player Account always hated

    Haters just do what haters do best ... HATE!
  9. iDd_Sloth

    RANKED Battles nowadays SIGH

    I check the mini map often but I have this habit of focusing only on my quadrant specially if it's on coop. (At best 1/2 of the mini map) If I do tap out early due to misplay, I just leave for the next game(as stated, better turnaround). However on ranked mini map is my haven, mini map is life. But there are just those times that a DD just popped out NEAR you and there's just so little that you could do about it.(I'm on a BB 100% of the time in ranked)
  10. iDd_Sloth

    Operations give less?

    On weekends? 3-10 minutes. Faster is there's a lot of DD's that are queueing. Appeal on Ops = fighting against predictable enemy spawn for fast turnaround and less frustrations. (When compared to random).
  11. iDd_Sloth

    RANKED Battles nowadays SIGH

    If that happens in ranked ... you are definitely screwed! Your best bet would be to farm as much damage as you can. (If you can't beat them, join them) Problem with this is that, when they are dead ... you won't last long enough. -------------------------------------- Back in coop, I haven't seen these people that you mentioned(I hope I do meet them) that cower on the border.(Maybe I did but I just didn't notice them as it was a good game for me) 😁😁😁
  12. iDd_Sloth

    Operations give less?

    WG wants you to play random. They don't like players to flock on operations since it will lessen the population on random games.
  13. iDd_Sloth

    RANKED Battles nowadays SIGH

    Actually I don't mind them doing these stuff. In fact I encourage them to camp at the back. What I mean when I say skilled players, are players that do know how to fight and deal with enemy ships. The ones that do charge, survive and comes out on top with 5-6 kills. And yes, coop has become the place for such players now ... even at the wee hours in the morning(my usual play time). It's a race on who can kill more ships. Games end with 1-2 red ships remaining due to overwhelming advantage of the human team which is a waste as we could do more damage to those 2 remaining ships.
  14. iDd_Sloth

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    And sadly though ... even if it's against my better judgment. I'll be one of those, I'm a sucker for free stuff. 🤪
  15. iDd_Sloth

    Using Bot and Spam Chat

    Dunno about your games but in my games, most of the people in my games are soo eager to be the one to take down that Iowa.