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  1. iDd_Sloth

    Christmas Story Event

    Way way way back then ... I've heard a game about WW1/WW2 Warships and being a WW2 warship nut, that got me excited and wanted to play that game when it comes out. But it was still in development, so I waited and waited and waited ... dang it's not coming out. YET! So while waiting they have this other game called World of Tanks, so I decided ... why not give it a try. I love tanks but not as much as warships and it was a hoot even though I don't know much about it aside from them being tanks and that was enough. Months turned into a year and another 'til World of Warships was offering CBT, I was ecstatic about it the game was finally coming out. Join it and enjoyed my time with it. I was passionate about WoWs that time with ships duking it out on open seas and blasting each other ... it was a riot of fun.
  2. iDd_Sloth

    Dockyard Missions

    Not only that ... there's a lot of Smolensk/Worcester/Moska/Des Moines/Salem prowling about too. The 1st two being the preferred poison.
  3. iDd_Sloth


    No need to FXP this ship. Not good but tolerable.
  4. I just got the Agincourt and the Leone. Though not high but at least ... I finally got the Agincourt. I guess my gripes has been heard.
  5. Nerf then sell to the general public. Then also lose it's symbol and badge for hard work/skill and dedication.
  6. iDd_Sloth

    It's whaling season

    I've seen one too ... but what can you do. It's their money, not yours. Regardless of what your opinion is or others. THEY DON'T CARE. You can gasp all your want or curse them, it's not going to DENT their wallets or their value of things.
  7. iDd_Sloth

    Dockyard Missions

    These missions are optional.
  8. iDd_Sloth

    Patch 0.10.11 will last more than 4 weeks(?)

    In fact they overlapped and it's kinda hard keeping up.(Co-Op main). And monetizing tech tree content at that.(In the guise of EARLY ACCESS). Well that's they prerogative and if you get sucked into it just because you'd have to get the latest ... it's on you.(I got sucked into it once myself on the RU BB early access)
  9. iDd_Sloth

    Remove Islands

    Nope. That doesn't work. You can't even move forward or backward. And to think you're not even that near the island to get stuck in the first place.
  10. iDd_Sloth

    Buy Steel Perm Camo

    It's not on you listed options but Wooster/Worcester used to have a free perma camo and it's horrible.(it looks like a blue neon hotdog)
  11. iDd_Sloth

    ​📰 ST 0.10.11, Changes to Giuseppe Verdi

    For dubs only? Then good riddance. It's just a clone of Marco(ship model).
  12. iDd_Sloth

    ​📰 ST 0.10.11, Changes to Giuseppe Verdi

    Marco Polo is already coal ... so what will this be then? RB? Steel? Personally ... I still hope COAL!