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  1. iDd_Sloth

    Recent Skynet behaviour in Coop

    Don't worry ... you allied bots will launch Torps on the opposite direction where the enemy is AND strangely enough where you are currently at.
  2. iDd_Sloth


    It's a German BB that in itself will give you an idea on what kind of main guns this ship has. It's like FR BB guns only worse.
  3. iDd_Sloth

    Choosing the ships that are right for you

    I prefer armor and angling high alpha and citadels great range slow burn / lazy play (hence Sloth) but having the new US BB line is just too much. (I could handle the slow speed but the slow reload coupled with next to crap accuracy) usable secondaries with torpedoes if applicable From all that you could say I'm at home with BB's ... large cruisers or battle cruisers do also apply.
  4. iDd_Sloth

    ARP collaboration

    I'd wish they'd sell the commander Yammy and Mushi in COAL! But not too steep as they don't have unique abilities ... we have to pay for the voiceover though. (Seiyu's gotta earn).
  5. iDd_Sloth

    What to buy with my Coal

    If you can afford the Thunderer go for that ship. T10 and makes good credit with good AP and insane HE. If not then Georgia is a good 2nd choice. Solid choice of a ship with usable 2ndary to boot. Pommern if you have both of the 2 ships mentioned above.
  6. iDd_Sloth

    Khaba and Harugumo Buff

    At least they now increased the sigma of Kansas to 1.6 from that horrid 1.5 not much but still it's an improvement. Now decrease the reload by 2-3 secs. Speed and armor can remain as is.
  7. iDd_Sloth

    Stop playing BBs!!

    Why stop playing BB's? Is it prohibited to play a certain class? Unless WG puts restriction on a certain type of ship, there's no stopping people on playing what class of ship they prefer ... and yes, even CVs.
  8. iDd_Sloth

    ARP collaboration

    So if you buy the bundle you'd get the Blue and Red or just Red? It doesn't specify anywhere that there's the regular Blue Takao camo or is it a given that her standard camo is blue.
  9. iDd_Sloth

    An exemplary BB - An exemplary BB experience

    Seattle: (-) Guns don't fire fast enough Bad firing angles on the rear turrets What armor? Then again she's a CL but amongst CL's that's still on the low end not bad as the Neptune though but that thing has smoke and torps Guns are not small enough to benefit from Captain skills BFT and AFT She's a long ship. (+) can lob shells behind islands usable AA + defensive AA consumable radar / sonar good concealment ------------------------------------- I love the Alsace, she's a good BB ... can also be built for 2ndary. Republique on the other hand is like a T10 Gascogne with bigger guns Still saving steel for the Bourgogne or Shikishima.
  10. iDd_Sloth


    Many thanks.
  11. iDd_Sloth

    To whom I must complaint against noobs and CV.

    In online games with random people. You don't expect them to : carry you give support to you cooperate with teamwork save you give cover win the game for you However you can: carry them exploit them to your benefit win the game for them spot for them survive long enough for them to capitalize on the opportunity you've opened On games where you complained about your teammates and lost. You should ask yourself what you could've done better and not blame your teams what they could've done better for you. This might be a team battle but the reality of it if you're not on a clan/div this is a single player game where the outcome all comes to how you perform.
  12. iDd_Sloth

    ARP collaboration

    Btw ... why are they not selling the Blue Takao? They are instead selling Takao before she went over to Gunzo's side. I know the blue Takao is the one you can get free on a grind(was offered 2x or was it more?) but it was sold before in the Premium shop way before we had armory.
  13. 2M FreeXp is a steep price for a ship. Better be sure that you want it and need it. Ask yourself this: is it really essential for you? is it really needed for CW or ranked? does it conform to game traits? And finally, can you handle it?
  14. iDd_Sloth

    ARP Yamato etc

    Same here mate. I just want the Yamato skin ... not the new ship. But the Musashi skin is only at 6K dubs bundled with Musashi Capt.
  15. You can still have access to Legend mods but unlike before it's no longer readily available or true free technically it's still free but it's depends on how you approach on gaining those RB. You have to reset 5 lines to gain RB points and regrind(if you must) /use stored free XP or use your accumulated XP on elite/premium ships to convert to FreeXp which in a way can be referred to as using money to gain access to said legendary mods. When they introduced RB ... that's when this game is more pronounced on being focused on letting you use your money (to ease the grind) or be a diehard and regrind ALL from T7 and up(doesn't cost much to freeXp T1-T6). The point here is up to where will one be willing to take all this until they give up. I'm still not a fan of this RB so other legendary mods/ships is off limits for me. (I got the some legendary mods before the implementation of RB)