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  1. Conkhead_12

    CV manual dropping

    Tier IV and V carriers cannot use manual drops.
  2. I've just did it 2 nights ago. I got a new potato and used copy-paste. Still working for me without any problems.
  3. Conkhead_12

    Help! I do crap damage.

    All I can say is, don't expect much from the South Carlolina. All tier III BBs do crap damage. Their dispersion depends too much on RNG. You'd have to pray to get a good shot. Move on to tier IV or V, that's when BB starts to shine. Wyoming, the next ship, IIRC has the best accuracy for USN BBs. But be warned. From tier VIII (North Carlolina) to Tier X, accuracy suffers.
  4. Conkhead_12

    How to Handle Slow Ships

    IDK at first when I bought Fuso I hate it, because like you, my preferred ship speed is over 30 knots. Once I hang around I find that when I manage to get to the firing range//engagement area, I don't really move (unless there're CVs). What I do is hang just right behind your allied BBs and take them as a shield. By hanging a bit back, is about 1-2 KM. I mostly use AP, because if AP strikes at a good angle it dishes out at least 10k for me. But don't turn your engine off completely, try running at 1/4 or 1/2, and if possible, use the upgrade that helps with reaching top speed
  5. Playing Zao while reading dis I want the name back to Senjo, without mod Good one +1
  6. Conkhead_12

    Personal Ship Nicknames

    Been wanting to do this Moskva - Russian Bias Mutsuki - Mutsucky Furutaka - Fruitcake Mogami - Floating citadel Zao - Credits burner Shimakaze - Zekamashi Hatsuharu - Badsuharu Fubuki - Bucky Blyskawica - Polandball Gearing - Spam spam spam Khabarovsk - Lolwut Yamato - Lolpen Des Moines - Dead Moan Montana - No fly zone North Carlolina - South Carlolina Iowa - New Jersey Admiral Hipper - Admiral Hipster Bouge - Fat Aircraft Shooter Cleveland - Cheatland Pensacola - Pepsicola New Orleans - Citadel Magnet Budyyonny - Busyyawning Kutuzov - MK48 Kongou - Kongou chan 'nuff said Umikaze - Torpekaze
  7. Conkhead_12

    best T10 ships to bring to a 3 man div

    Zao fleet
  8. Conkhead_12

    What is your best money maker?

    Busyyawning Budyonny (how to spell it lol) And of course, my dear Zuiho I guess you could use Tirpitz but as I'm total nub with BBs heh
  9. Conkhead_12

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    The god of RNGesus
  10. Conkhead_12

    Need friends!

    Just add me and shoot invite if me online
  11. Conkhead_12

    Red crayon of warning (RECOW)

    Meh I managed to contaminate myself real fast. 1st one Chappo gives it to me For asking for CBT codes 2nd one the term of a certain mod during CBT right now is considered illegal, lol Azure why warning cries in a corner don't gib me another one
  12. mfw Azure shoots me a warning

  13. *tsundere mode on* D...Don't make me---- *tsundere mode off" Wipe tears, those CBT days it was such a lolz
  14. Conkhead_12

    Cruiser Rebalance

    IJNs got 15 sec reload too, except Zao, maybe. Don't forget, at 5-11 km range, USN AP really hurts. Wait, I thought RU DDs would use AP against cruisers, I remember that they can pen. Rock Paper Scissors is kimda lopsided. CV are suffering