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  1. I agree. At this rate, the US BBs with max speed of 21 knots are pretty much rendered xp dummies
  2. I was sailing on my Omaha (tier 5 CA) today, and experienced a wierd glitch/bug : In the heat of battle, the gun sounds stopped working. The funny thing is all other sounds - engine, gun hitting me, twisting metal, splash of shells hitting the watter, airplanes, torpedo alarms etc - were ALL working EXCEPT the gun sounds when firing. I have no mods installed and using the English Client. Anyone else experienced the same?
  3. My guess is that the carrier player was doing it wrong...
  4. 日本人だけの過ちはありません...これが現実ww
  5. If you want a true naval simulator expect 2~3 day long games(minimum) and EXTREMELY slow movement with awkward controls. The current 30 knots in WoWs is equivalent of nearly 300km/h considering the actual distance they cover. If they stuck to their actual scaled movement speed, it would take you hours just to get across half the map.
  6. 5 days past but still no word after a brief reply that said "your ticket was put on hold"....
  7. My ticket was "put on hold"... At least they've acknowledged the issue
  8. I've seen the 10 post thing in the Japanese subforums as well - must be a widespread rumor.
  9. Well I guess this weekend is gone... Nooooo
  10. Yeah... you'd think there wouldn't be any mix-ups when sending out 10 keys....yeesh
  11. Same here. I got 2 keys but one of them was already used. lolwut? On the other hand, is "shar' an official? It just says he's an alpha tester.
  12. Ronhwa

    Open Beta or CBT invite warning

    I wish I could get a warning via e-mail or something so I don't miss it... I missed the CBT invite just when I was busy with RL issues