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  1. xeion_

    Dasha letter arg 2

    this other one is from worldofwarships.com, links to http://wrg.am/activate-sigil
  2. xeion_

    Improvement Ideas

    you can use the extended tree mod
  3. xeion_

    New years achievements gold reward bug

    i just checked, go to the container screen, should show you have x4 containers, it didnt show up in the port. at least this happens to me.
  4. xeion_

    How does this happen?

    saw on one of flamu's video 2 overpen does 10k damage, he also said it still broken af.
  5. xeion_

    WOWS hidden control (must see ^_^ )

    isnt it Ctrl+R+Right Shift+Backspace?