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  1. chibimon

    Torpedoes destruction

    I think it is not possible to shoot down torpedoes by a small caliber gun. but for battle ship's main gun, the shock wave when the ammo hit water should can influence torpedoes's direction, you dont need to actually shoot on the torpedo
  2. chibimon

    Manual torpedo drop is OP for experienced CV player

    Current version have too much nerf for CV and make most CV player stay at low tier (most of ships has no AA) This is not a healthy situation Make CV more powerful, attract more player to play CV line, and provide a way to survive, that's what i want
  3. chibimon

    Manual torpedo drop is OP for experienced CV player

    I am not asking for nerf CV, actually I want to buff CV and let it more newbie friendly at the same time, please leave a way to survive from an air attack and provide a training video to teach everyone how to survive, although it should be not easy
  4. chibimon

    Manual torpedo drop is OP for experienced CV player

    i agree to nerf AA gun for long range, but if there are some 100% cannot escape's air attack i think it is not reasonable especially for IJN's ships, i think no CV will bully US ship if you can choose to attack an IJN ship
  5. Manual torpedo drop is over power for experienced CV player I have no idea how can escape from this Instead of nerfing CV or buff AA gun, i think leave a method for everyone to escape from an air attack is important (i also think pilot how to drop torpedo is not a part of captain's job...)
  6. chibimon


    個人認為不需要有cd, 但應該有其他代價 打仗都是用性命來打的, 不可能因為累了就停手休息 比較可行是抓其他崗位的人員來幫手(e.g. 關了防空, 抓他們過去) 但是艦內的大小容許增加人手嗎....留大家想好了
  7. chibimon


    建議加入水雷用作封鎖小路 也為部份船種加入掃雷功能 也許可以令小船增加對大船護衛/開路的意識 增加大船不抄小路的理由 提高陣型的必要性和遊戲的戰略性
  8. chibimon


    誰說三式彈一定要射飛機的, 三式彈是燃燒彈啊 光是打中別人高確率起火就夠爽了
  9. chibimon

    對開發團隊提問 #1

    另外再問一下, 日本的徹甲彈歷史上有被用作水中彈 遊戲會不會考慮一下這個奇怪的使用方法(汗 http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E4%B9%9D%E4%B8%80%E5%BC%8F%E5%BE%B9%E7%94%B2%E5%BC%BE
  10. chibimon

    對開發團隊提問 #1

    關於ap(穿甲)彈和he(高爆)彈 當艦被穿甲彈開了洞, 高爆彈應該會對艦內產生更大效果 ( 簡單想, 高爆彈對中到大破應該有加成?) 但現在感覺好像分別不大