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  1. DeliveryExpress

    Compensation for IJN Destroyers

    I understand about the part they say if I have researched minekaze, but if I already own minekaze so what is the compensation?a
  2. DeliveryExpress

    In remembrance of Minekaze

    I understand about the part they say if I have researched minekaze, but if I already own minekaze so what is the compensation?
  3. DeliveryExpress

    Commorative flag for ranked season 5

    Ok I have had a look in the game and it has been there. They delivered the flag this time too late so I thought that's a bug. Thanks all, topic closed.
  4. DeliveryExpress

    Commorative flag for ranked season 5

    Sorry if this topic duplicate somewhere but I have searched google but no where ask this so I make this topic. I want to ask everyone that have you guys received the commorative flag for ranked season 5? It's not the jolly roger i'm talking about but the commorative flag you receive when you reached rank 15 in ranked season. I have reached rank 14 in season 5 (after that i'm too busy to play so that's best rank i got so far this season), and have received the flag green with 1 white star (don't remember what's it's name); so I'm sure that's I will receive the commorative flag for this season if nothing goes wrong. So have you guys received the flag? Or everyone have received it and i'm the only one out there need to report bug? Thank you for taking time to read this. P/s: If someone want to say that this flag is nonsense, I will only say this: I'M A COLLECTOR.
  5. DeliveryExpress

    Request background image

    Ok, thks for your help last time I know about this unpacker of WG but the old link in forum is dead, so I can't do it myself. Now I can find whatever I want, thank you for your sharing.
  6. DeliveryExpress

    Request background image

    Hi ... again. I don't want to start a new topic with same old request so I will post it here. Hope someone may read this. After so long time always play in high level, now I start the KM bb line. I play in new map (is it new?) Archipelago and see beautiful artwork of WG in background loadding screen of this map. So (again) can anyone post that loadding screen of Archipelago here please. Thanks.
  7. DeliveryExpress

    Request background image

    No not this, the one when you start the game then loading. It's almost similar this, same ship but with the yamato fire at her and have aircraft on the sky and aa fire everywhere. Thanks anyway
  8. DeliveryExpress

    Request background image

    Hi everyone, First I apologize for my poor English. I really love new updated World of Warships game loading background image. I have google for it but don't find the new updated one i'm looking for. So I ask if anyone know where the game loading background images are? Or if you have the moskva cruiser vs yamato background game loading image, can you share here please (I think it has been add from 0.5.10) Thank you all. P/s: I don't search on forum by forum search engine, only search google so if a topic somewhere like this please mod first link me to that topic first. Thanks.