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  1. KmonX

    항공모함 어뢰기 하는방법좀

    공격을 시작하면 움직이지 마세요 되도록. 움직이면 움직일수록 (특히 W,A,S,D 컨트롤) 조준원이 퍼집니다. 공격시작하기전에 공격 위치 확인하시고 최소한 움직임만 하시고 그외 불필요한 움직임은 아예 하지않는게 좋습니다.
  2. KmonX

    Carrier Suggestions (Constructive Please)

    Personally think they should limit the number of aircraft hangar. Spawning unlimited number of planes is just ridiculous. They could limit it to have 5-6 squads each which could probably last you the whole game if you play it wise enough. Next, Fighters, this is total garbage is what I think personally. all they do is fly around in an area like a patrol and after it engages same number of planes from the fighter squad it just goes back, this is stupid. They should have the fighters be more mobile. Dive bombers, due to recent 'Slingshot' tactic this became really really stupid, you can literally engage enemy ships without taking much loss to your planes. They should limit the time of 'Invulnerability' more so it could still take damage from medium to long range AAs.
  3. KmonX

    Death of the destroyers role.

    DDs sure are dying due to CVs but you can still find a lot of them. I as well play lots of Kidd which is an AA DD together with my mates on a div (which is basically CV DD CL div). And as I'm playing on my Shimakaze CVs are annoying but not enough to get you to port. Pretty annoying but still could cope with it atm.
  4. gosh this place is full of salt, lemme add to those. I bought x5 containers to get an Enterprise, but this really has a pretty good chance. As my mates have bought 5 of them just like I did and one of them got a Kaga and the other got both Graf Zeppelin and Saipan. I'd say the chances are pretty high to get one of the 4 CVs and would if I had more cash go buy some more to try my chances.
  5. I don't know about this anymore, It was a must have skill before the CV rework but now you will probably get lit on fire again and again by a CV. Still I take it though.
  6. Hi thank you and bye
  7. KmonX

    CV rework day 1 observations

    ugh. This patch is absolutely horrendous. So much that its disgusting. Always hated CVs from the very start, so I got myself ships like Flint, Atlanta and Desmoines but they feel so powerless. Now I dont care and I hope theyd just revert it back. Some people might like it and also hate it and I'm definitely on the hating side. Always hated CVs and always will, I hate them more now though.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving! 해외에서 보냅니닷! 다들 즐거운 추석보내시고 건강하시길 바랍니다! May the fortune of the seas be with you all. 바다의 운이 당신에게 있기를. May the gods of RnG be with us all the time.
  9. KmonX


    1. Dont complain that to WG blame RnGesus. If u cant keep up dont have to play it. 2. Probably ur positioning is just bad. And u go to places where ur not suppose to. either u go in too fsst or retreat too late. Dont expect people to come to you when ur rushing alone. Run ti take cover when situation asks for it.
  10. KmonX

    Supercontainer Drop Rate

    I had a time when I got SC few days in a row. I also had times when I had to wait for like a while 1-2 months for a single one to come out. Recently I get them 1 or 2 (if Im lucky maybe even up to 5-6) a week. Though nothing really that outstanding being usually a camo or a flag. But just recently I got Radar module from it which is hell awesome and placed it on my Mino (because Im a pervert.) or since I had money I put them in my Yueyang (Cuz I'm a pervert.)
  11. Hello Ive been wondering what I should buy with the money I have atm. I'm a player who plays a ton of Battleships and Destroyers. (I only have british cruiser to play for cruisers ex. Mino) So my friends told me to get the Nelson since its really fun but I also wanted to try out the cruisers. I have tried Takao(Atago ver. Arp) and Mino but I have never really got around trying german cruisers before. since Prinz Eugen and Hipper just got buffed recently (Eugen with Heal charges and Hipper with better rof) There is also a Scharnhorst in the shop. But since they all have their strengths and weaknesses I have watched videos of CCs playing them and listened to them explaining it. Still Its way hard for me to decide. Can you guys recommend me something and maybe also tell me why? (FYI, I have played mino,Musashi,Tirpitz,takao,Yueyang so far. I did enjoy Yueyang and mino with radar.)
  12. KmonX

    What premboat to buy

    get D Kidd OP as hell luv it.
  13. KmonX

    Minekaze is too OP and I love it.

    ayy i did use minekaze back before it was nerfed though that time i was still a completeeee newbie so didnt appreciate anything and dont even remember lol Kamikaze is OP but it never came back. :(
  14. I basically started this game out after looking how beautiful Yamato is. well I did get a Musashi already and made a rant in my first post :P now im getting really used to it. So one way or the other I played WoWs for 2 years now. back then I didnt have anything noteworthy but still remember how OP Minekaze was at tier 5. And how bad Mutsuki was at tier 6. which is now downgraded to being both tier 5 and Minekaze getting nerfed. But seriously its still OP as hell dang. And I mean its good! I use it to release stress and just literally rekt all the straight full speed ahead no manueaver battleships. Minekaze has 5.4 spotting range with full camo and skills + 41Knts of speed with speed flag. Its crazy! torpedoes reload in 40 sec and you can literally spam them geez. Minekaze is the most fun IJN DD I've played so far. (I have until Kagero unlocked and Hatsuharu on the second tree.) Ive never played Akizuki but I'm planning to get it sometime soon. Minekaze is exactly what you would expect in a japanese DD. Bad guns slow turret traverse, fast speed, super good concealment. And lastly which is the most important a Torpedo spamming scrub like I am :D just fantastic ship love it. Its basically a Kamikaze on the main tree. If you havent you should try this hell of a fun ship. its just pure amazing.
  15. KmonX

    Just a little rant about Musashi.

    One more thing. Battleships are not my Forte, my main ship being a Destroyer the Pan-asian tier 10 the Yueyang so I don't play so well in the battleship and I've only grinded till tier 7 Nagato in JP BB line so I'm more or less have no idea where to utilize the radar if I got the Missouri or where to position myself with my Musashi but for the Musashi positioning I'm getting the hang of it after playing like 60-70 games in it :P