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  1. ActTrollerz

    How to fix the poor high tier meta

    I know this game is arcade and not simulator that's why i said it would not be fun if you just one shot a ship but as i said the round hit from above so it completely make sense that it could get citadeled frontally. It's hard enough to hit a cruiser frontally from distance if the cruiser keeps dodging. The last 2 paragraphs were a joke assuming that you're Montana player. The only complaint about overmatching i have heard so far is about montana vs yamato. and since i assumed that you're montana player, i also assumed that you also hate shimakaze because of its long range and 15 torps. The high tier is where you can never fight alone, like you said, shimakaze can just spam torp from long range and that's where co-operation comes in Other nation DD can screen for shimakaze or torps so that ally can evade or CV help spot them. Shimakaze might have long range torp but they can't stay back or hide forever, they're still DD, they come close but not too close. They're meant to be stealthy and not engage any other DD. If you're destroyer captain you must know that long range torp hit is hard and they spread a lot. Little bit of turning and the torp might miss.
  2. ActTrollerz

    How to fix the poor high tier meta

    That's why i said i think because they're also case where battleship just one shot another battleship. Like how Bismarck one shot Hood in her aft ammunition magazine. I agree that it highly depends on where the round hit and they're also many different factor. They're both cases where ship received one hit then sank while others did not. Like how Taiho received 1 hit from torpedo then sank, but that doesn't mean that 1 torpedo hit can sink every ship. The case i mentioned was an ideal situation where the round penetrates all the way from bow to stern of the ship or like cutting the ship in half. I think a shot like that could one shot or disable the cruiser.
  3. ActTrollerz

    How to fix the poor high tier meta

    Cruiser can't be citadeled by BB while angling ? You know that a single AP round of a battleship weight about 1225kg and could penetrate 500mm of armor at 18km? ( 406mm of Iowa class ) I think a single one of then penetrate the deck armor of the ship especially from the bow is more than enough to sink them, but that would not be fun right ? The round do not come from straight ahead, it comes from above. The round hits the deck of the ship then penetrate to citadel of the ship. If it hits the belt then it might ricochet so lucky you then. No battleship should be overmatched by another ? No, at this point i assume that you're Montana player. Joking aside, the armor of every class of ship is just different value, why only BB can't be overmatched? They might have the highest armor value in game but that doesn't make them invincible. I know you hate Shimakaze but reducing the range ? lol no. I totally disagree with this one. You know that by reducing the range to 10km is reducing its range by half and same range as Russian DD? IJN DD are meant to use only torp because of how bad its guns are compare to its counterpart. You want Shimakaze to go to a gun fight with Gearing or Khabarovsk ? ggwp for Shimakaze
  4. ActTrollerz

    Battleship Rant

    This game is mostly win by luck. You can cheat, aim bot or whatever, if RNG is not on your side, then you're not going to win. So yeah if cruisers have high luck and you have bad luck then you're going to be burn to death.
  5. ActTrollerz

    Rename to World of Battleships & Destroyers

    Personally, I enjoy playing cruiser the most, especially IJN cruiser because good gun, good maneuverability, stealthy, and torps. Battleships have longer range, larger caliber gun, heavier armor, and higher hp than any other class, but suffer in maneuverability and longer repair cooldown which make them very vulnerable to fire and flood. Cruisers are average in every aspect which make them a multirole ship. They can quickly attack or defend base, hunt destroyers, support ally, and scout. When dealing with battleships, just light them on fire and most importantly, angle your ship, do not broadside a battleship. If you're dealing with destroyers, always be cautious of torps.Destroyers are no match for cruisers in every aspect except maneuverability, just don't get hit by torp and you'll be able to kill destroyer easily. Destroyers are lowest on every aspect except maneuverability and stealth. They can easily hunt battleships and carriers, light enemy on fire, but cruisers are destroyers' nightmare. if you're spotted by cruisers, quickly hide. For carriers, well, destroy enemy fleet while not letting ally fleet get destroyed by enemy plane and scout. From what OP understood, Yes, battleships are suppose to deal with other battleships and cruisers not destroyers because they're too quick and battleships have long reload time, but if destroyers are close, make them priority target, battleships' main gun will easily hit destroyers at close range ( if you're accrurate ) or else they will torp you to death. Destroyers are suppose to scout too, torps are for surprise attack, even battleships can easily evade torps if they are aware of torps. Destroyers can't win a gun fight against anything other than destroyers themselves. Aircraft carriers need to scout too, you can tell which side is going to win ( most of the time ) if one side's carrier keeps spot destroyers and get them killed while another don't. Think about a situation while you can't see enemy but they just keep shooting at you. For cruisers, they don't necessary need to provide air cover and hunt destroyers, they are excellent support ship. A good support cruiser can deal even more damage than battleship and keep ally safe from enemy destroyers and bombers. Just don't yolo with cruisers. ( Don't yolo regardless of any class of ship. ) Lastly, for all class of ship, Don't hesitate to withdraw, sometimes it's not called "coward", but it's called "tactical retreat." Stay alive and deal damage, don't care about kill count, when time comes, you'll get a kill. Focus fire, the less ship, the less rounds are going to say hello to your citadel. Never fight alone in a naval warfare, this is not COD or BF. Teamwork > Yolo solo warriors who think they're the best player in the game.
  6. ActTrollerz

    Didn't receive 3m credit reward for reaching lv11

    Thank you very much. Sorry for my misunderstanding.
  7. ActTrollerz

    Didn't receive 3m credit reward for reaching lv11

    The last time i played, it's maxed at lv9 .I just read the patch note so i'll get 500k and 1 day premium?
  8. ActTrollerz

    Didn't receive 3m credit reward for reaching lv11

    Yes. My friend said he got 3m but i didn't.
  9. ActTrollerz

    Didn't receive 3m credit reward for reaching lv11

    not rank but lv in service record it's max at lv 11
  10. As the title said i didn't receive reward but i receive premium 1 day reward from lv 10.
  11. ActTrollerz

    Aiming suggestion

    I know that i can't shoot behind hill unless i target ship but sometimes it just aim at the hill.
  12. ActTrollerz

    Aiming suggestion

    Do you guys think it's annoying that enemy is behind a not tall hill and you're trying to shoot it and your guns are aiming right at the hill ? I think it's clear enough that aiming up and down is for elevation, it should ignore the fact that you're aiming at the hill and instead aim at the water behind it. There's no reason to aim and shoot at the hill.
  13. ActTrollerz

    Isn't this water (bug) effect amazing ?

    also the amount of wood need to produce would affect the paper industry, rudder problem and speed. Its top speed would probably be about 6-7 kts.
  14. ActTrollerz

    Isn't this water (bug) effect amazing ?

    Yes, It's a British Carrier. It's 2,000 feet ( 609.6 meters ) long, 300 feet ( 91.44 meters ) wide, weight two million ton. Made from Pykrete ( basically Pykrete is a super ice mixed with wood pulp that is way far stronger than ordinary ice. It also melts much slower ) I guess the idea behind this is to get hit by torpedo and don't sink maybe bacause there're German U-Boats.
  15. ActTrollerz

    Isn't this water (bug) effect amazing ?

    Thank you very much the problem is with sea rendering. Only change sea rendering to low solve the problem. Strange, i used to set it as high before reinstall lol