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  1. starlut

    French Cruisers: [HONHONHON intensifies]

    i guess they will better shoot white flag..
  2. starlut

    It has been proven, Izumo needs a nerf, I mean a NERF

    is that a troll post or something?
  3. starlut

    Secondaries 9 Hits Zero Damage WTF

    dude, sometimes i get 0 damage for 10 penetration on BBs.
  4. starlut

    A way to balance RDF/Keen Intuition

    A suggestion on RDF: make RDF range to 2/3 km. i know that i useless but keep reading. every ship has a detection range. for example kamikaze has 6km range. so, when kamikaze is way 8/9km depending on the range of RDF away it will show where the nearest enemy is. otherwise it wont work when the ship detection range is away from the rdf range. thus it would be neither op nor useless.
  5. starlut

    cv rant

    nvm wrong thread
  6. starlut

    tier by tier your favourite ships

    Tier 1-2: none Tier 3: Derzki Tier 4: pre-nerf isokaze Tier 5: Kamikaze & Konig Tier 6: Cleveland, Bayern & Farragut Tier 7: Scharnhorst, Kiev, myoko Tier 8: North Carolina, New Orleans Tier 9: Iowa
  7. starlut

    i am about to loose my mind over this stealth crap

    Either ADAPT with camping meta or don't play at t9/10. Cya mate
  8. starlut


    Well the stock Colorado is actually worse than NM. But, if you upgrade it, use the aa module, it will actually be better ship than the other t7. It has this great heal which will make you feel pretty tanky. The gun pens almost everything, however the dispersion will make you feel NM was better. But, fight at range of 13/14km, you can pretty much wreck any t7/8. As one of my friend said, Colorado in fact is better than NC because of the great heal it has
  9. starlut

    An interesting candidate for Pan-Asia DD

    they could make an entire line up of pan-asian ship so that those lo-yang and anshan captains came into some uses
  10. starlut

    Can we reward DDs who use smoke for BBs?

    those dds deserve some rewards
  11. starlut

    Tier 5 Elimination Thread, SEA edition

    you cant do that with new york on konig...
  12. starlut

    [unconfirmed] new skill tree?

    i read somewhere that the max points for captain is now 16 instead of 19 and you might be able to convert commander xps from 1 commander to another if you reach 16 points
  13. starlut

    This is an excellent game (Thank-you)

    World of Warships is Awesome because.... its the only place where DD guns can kill cruisers where cruisers should be the hard counter for it