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  1. nyankochan

    Atlanta - HE/AP

    When, why and where do I use HE/AP? and What calibre of guns are suited for AP? Is the Atlanta's 5 inch guns suitable, for example? These two questions are best answered together. If you're using destroyer sized guns (on destroyers at the Atlanta), you should pretty much use HE all the time because its performance is more reliable in the current game. AP is worth it in these guns if you're at very short range (less than 5km) and you're a really good shot (and have low ping) if you're good enough to be able to target a ship's "citadel" area. You can also get some funny results against low tier cruisers using AP by plunging fire from long range (the Gremyaschy is infamous for this). If you're using 6-inch guns (~ 150mm) on the spamboats like the Mogami or Cleveland, HE is basically your best friend since you can use it as a "one size fits all" ammunition type. If you're using 8-inch guns (~ 200mm) like on most of the higher-tier cruisers, the general rule is to use HE most of the time; they're the most reliable round against destroyers and battleships will usually bounce your APs anyway. Against other cruisers (and other cruisers only) if your opponent starts showing his broadside to you, lead your fire so you hit in the dead-center of his ship at the waterline and you'll get citadel penetrations which can very quickly turn the battle in your favor. If you're not that good of a shot, you can stick to HE. If you're using battleship guns (300mm and beyond), you're pretty much best off using AP most of the time. HE is better against destroyers, tangling with destroyers with battleships is something you should avoid doing because DDs are hard to hit. Many battleship players like to spam HE at long range because of inaccuracy at the chance to start fires, however AP can get citadel penetrations from plunging (long-range) fire on a lucky hit. What determines penetration and how does armour counter the penetration? Angle of impact and location of the hit. That's why you see battleship players turning in towards their opponent when their opponent fires - it raises up their belt (side) armor towards the enemy which is where the armor is the thickest, and often makes it impossible to hit the deck armor, which is pretty thin on most battleships. The trick is mostly useful only in battleships however - most other ships, even cruisers, have too thin of armor for that trick to matter, you're simply better off doing whatever you can to be hit by fewer shells. You can also make AP shells (in particular) bounce off by having the impact be at too acute of an angle. If you notice your AP shells bouncing off of cruisers and you're in a battleship, it's likely that the cruiser was steaming straight at you - AP hitting the ship's nose are likely to simply bounce off. If I have 100mm penetration but the enemy has 120mm of armour, is he completely invulnerable to my AP rounds? Yes. But remember, no ship has 120mm over the entire ship. However, hitting areas that are more weakly armored may be very difficult. Since armour is supposed to deflect shots away, why doesn't HE get deflected away? Is it like an Airburst round? Naval rounds are a bit different from land shells. Essentially all naval shells of the period were HE (High-Explosive) or APHE (Armor-Piercing High-Explosive). HE shells were fuzed to explode on impact and have thin shell casings to maximize the size of their explosive payload. APHE shells have an armor piercing tip and less explosive because of that, however, they are fuzed to explode a fraction of a second after impact, whereupon they hopefully have penetrated inside the ship before exploding within the target. If it is like an Airburst round, shouldn't HE strip away armour from ships? It's not an airburst round. Even if it were, it wouldn't strip armor away; that'd be like shooting a shotgun at a tank and expecting armor to be stripped away. But spalling and fragmenting is still a danger from impact-fuzed HE. However, it's important to remember that people back then are as smart as they are now; their tools aren't as good as ours now, but they still had brains to think with and eyes to see. They were aware of these problems. Naval armor has gone through a lot of evolution. It isn't just "slabs of thick steel plating" for a long time. Essentially, people doing research for armor have known for centuries that you need both flexibility and hardness in armor. If armor is too hard, it becomes brittle (this why nobody uses slabs of synthetic diamond as armor - diamond is very hard but brittle); it might resist the initial impact but then it'll crack and shatter. At the opposite end of the scale you have flexible armor but that makes the armor "soft" and less able to resist penetration by armor piercing shells but it can deform better from impacts without cracking. The ideal armor plate for warships was one where the surface of the armor is very hard, but much of the inner thickness of the armor is softer steel that is able to distribute the force of the impact to reduce cracking. The first examples of this kind of dual-phase armor was literally to have a steel (or iron) plate with a thick wooden backing. As guns improved, this quickly became ineffective. So they wanted it in a single steel plate, leading to "face-hardened" armor, where the "face" of the armor (the outside) is very hard, but the inside of the plate is softer steel. A number of methods were tried and there were a lot of failures along the way (usually the "hard" steel would crack and separate from the "soft" steel if it weren't made right), but by WW2 they had a pretty workable system in place. By the end of the war and the start of the Cold War, missiles combined with advances in explosives technology created warheads which could overcome or outright avoid any thickness of armor had been developed so ships these days don't bother carrying much armor. Hope that helps.
  2. nyankochan

    Newbie questions

    When you're first starting out (and maybe for entire game) most players will prefer battleships like the Fuso with a huge number of guns. However, if you're good at second-guessing your foe, Nagato can land shots from ridiculous range. Most of us will never be that good (or lucky) and will have to close in, in which case Nagato still requires good leading and aiming skills. But don't be afraid to throw down with your opponent when it really comes down to the wire. Nagato's secondary guns are ... impressive.
  3. nyankochan

    Japan or USA Destroyers?

    Yes. I honestly would never recommend a KTKM to anyone; it's criminal negligence to suggest that thing to any player, particularly a new one.
  4. nyankochan

    WoWS is a great game, however...

    They've only technically been nerfed. They're not as good as they once were but they're still overpowered so course they're fun ships to play. Get some practice in and there's nothing your target can do about it. The problem with carriers will not go away with adjusting the torpedo spreads or the damage. The issue is more fundamental with carrier gameplay itself. You simply cannot dodge three flights of torpedo bombers no matter what ship you're in. A battleship will be hurt but survive. A cruiser may survive. A destroyer is dead no matter what.
  5. nyankochan

    WoWS is a great game, however...

    Sorry, but I think you could take a bit of your own advice if you believe that CVs are nerfed. I used to think that CVs were fine, annoying, but fine. I think that's true of mid- and low-tier games where CVs don't have a lot of air groups to control so to efficiently anvil stuff, two carriers need to cooperate unless the carrier driver is really skilled. But my opinion on CV balance has changed completely now that play a lot of average Tier 9 battles. CVs are nowhere near balanced. It's not just battleships they can totally neutralize. The higher tier carriers really allow for the skilled carrier players to simply just rack up kills and dominate entire games. The issue is that the rock-paper-scissors mechanic totally breaks down with at higher tiers. High tier CV + a reasonably skilled player = The hard counter to everything else in the game while being essentially invulnerable themselves.
  6. nyankochan

    WoWS is a great game, however...

    1. Yeah, this is annoying. They're aware of it. The question is not if it will be addressed but when. 2. There's all kinds of things wrong with CV gameplay. The biggest I feel is that there isn't enough interaction between CVs and other players. Dive bombers are RNG machines. For CV drivers who have reasonable skills, torp bombers vs. ships is not CV player vs. ship player but instead CV player vs. automatic AA mechanic. Within CVs, I think tier differences are too harsh for fighter vs. fighter especially at the jump tiers, since MM will still slap carriers over that tier and under it together, WG needs to acknowledge that these matchups exist and not just shrug their shoulders. 3. If DDs are capping like that, it's not the fault of the destroyers. It's the fault of your team. If multiple destroyers cap the center (this happens a lot on Hotspot) it's probably because all of your cruisers and battleships decided to execute their GRANDE PLANNE and go sweeping around the edge of the map. If your DDs follow your bigger ships, the enemy caps easily and wins the game. If your DDs go for the center, they get slaughtered by the enemy DDs and cruisers. Meanwhile, if a single enemy DD manages to wind down the entire timer solo, that's not because DD smoke is OP. It's an epic failure on the part of everyone on your team (including you if you're still alive). In fact, it's so epic the word "epic" probably doesn't describe it. It's like some failure of a scale that belongs in a holy text of an Abhramic religion: It means that NOBODY had the bravery to simply go in and challenge the destroyer over the looong minutes (and it takes forever for a single ship to run down the timer). It's not hard. Just charge straight into the smoke. DD players have little patience and most will start shooting. Just aim yourself straight at where the shots are coming from. Bigger ships can survive multiple torpedo hits (helped by the fact that head-on torpedo hits do very bad damage) I've seen CARRIERS flush DDs out when the strong, powerful battleships are too cowardly to do it.
  7. nyankochan

    I think North is a terrible map

    I'm not really sure if there's something to "fix" about the maps. Think about how you'd really "fix" the maps. If they removed all the maps players complain about the most we'd be left with Ocean.
  8. nyankochan

    I think North is a terrible map

    It only gets worse the higher tier maps you get to. North can still provide you with some surprises. Islands of Ice, you can identify who's going to win in the first few minutes of the game. If you see your battleships massing to go north (the "D" point route), you as might as well not bother for kills or capping points. Just concentrate on your own survival because replacing your ship will be what you do otherwise because the battleships just lost the game for you - even one or two enemy battleships will result in the "18km shuffle" that will take up the majority of the game. By the time they finally inch around, the game will be over. Hotspot, some idiot will always start highlighting some corner of the map. If people listen, that can sort of work on point control. If it is the "take the cap in the center" again, that tactic just lost you the game unless your team is really on the ball (but if your team is really on the ball, they can pretty much do anything and win the game). While all the ships are doing some "clever" sweeping around maneuver, the other team is likely to just push a few destroyers into the center and take the cap. Even if your side manages to take the center initially, without support, cruisers and battleships can just sit outside the cap and kill all of your destroyers and cruisers and just leisurely take the cap while your slow battleships are executing their "Grande Planne"
  9. nyankochan

    Why does WG love nonexistent things?

    People like new and different things. Releasing "paper" ships allows them to continue adding ships for a very long time. Some nations never had sufficient of whatever thing (tanks, airplanes, ships) to fill out an entire tech tree, so they're filling in the holes. Some nations had ideas or concepts for things that WG wants to see and assume players want to see as well so they can have "what-if" matchups. Of course, like many people, I sometimes wonder about the choices they made. Like the Izumo. Seriously, they took a battlecruiser design? Pretty much everyone abandoned "true" battlecruisers after they saw the RN's deathtraps at Jutland. The IJN up-armored the Kongous, the Hood was in the process of being up-armored, and so on. A few knots of speed don't make a difference when you're fighting in a battleline. Yet, there it is. Izumo. A poorly armored fast ship with battleship guns ... at Tier 9. Facing off against real USN and IJN battleships from the same tier or those above and below it.
  10. nyankochan

    Japan or USA Destroyers?

    First the Mogami thread and now this. I am requesting you play the game more before making these posts. You're like 10% right, 90% wrong. The 10% right part = You're utilizing a flawed playstyle. The 90% wrong part = USN destroyers are somehow underpowered. USN DDs are stupidly powerful. After Tier 6, they're grossly overpowered because of the lameness that is High Explosive right now. I can literally gun down battleships in my destroyer. Cruise to about 7.5km (which is about the range that most USN DDs become visible to the enemy) to your target. Look around a bit to figure out what your exit strategy will be. Trigger your smoke. Slow down to 1/4 speed, stop, or reverse, orienting yourself so that you can bring all your guns to bear on your target. Start spamming your HE. Watch things burn and watch things die just from the HE damage. It's idiotic how much damage you'll do. If the enemy ship sails towards you (it's actually a smart thing to do if you're in an agile ship like a DD) you're showing your side to him so fire torpedoes - fire one spread, then save the other and start your engine and move so you can catch him with the second once he starts to evade the first spread or he's trapped by it since the torps are straddling him. When the game announces "smoke screen set" fire about two more salvos, then stop shooting and make sure your secondary armament/AA is turned off. Then utilize your exit strategy (protip: retreat through the smokescreen you made coming in) to get out so you're not sitting there in range when your smoke screen dissipates. Sail away and wait for your smoke screen to recharge then do it all over again. The Smoke Screen special ability is much better than Situation Awareness for USN DD players because you get more smoke charges and they recharge faster. The entire tactic requires like 10% of the skill of playing an IJN DD and will net you the same or usually more kills per round.
  11. nyankochan

    Mogami Most OP ship in game

    World of Warships 0.3.0 called, it wants its thread back. Mogamis are pretty nice, but I'm probably in the minority here when I say this, but given the changes in 0.3.1 I don't think it belongs at Tier 8. A Cleveland can pretty much do everything you're talking about at Tier 6, and outrange you doing it and has better AA. That third turret in the front isn't doing much a lot of the time, so the Cleveland even has as many effective guns as you. You're a huge, long target, too. I personally eat their low HP and totally unarmored hulls for lunch in my Myouko or Pensicola because Mogamis really suffer from 8-inch AP fire. However, if you're really skilled in a Mogami, instead of just drawing the good luck card of fighting guys trying to sink you with 8-inch gun cruisers firing HE all the time, congratulations on your skills, you deserve it because IJN cruisers require lots of skill but have relatively low rewards for most players.
  12. nyankochan

    wtf torps?

    Please tell me when you're playing. I would like to see all six of my torpedoes hit something. It's NEVER happened for me. I'm lucky if one torpedo out of six hits, let alone all six. Sarcasm aside, it can be pretty frustrating to get by torpedoes out of ambush. If you're new, realize that if you stick with the game, you'll pretty quickly get a feel for the kinds of places that destroyers lurk. Unless they're IJN DDs. We pretty much purely exist so that nobody can ever feel truly safe, anywhere on the map after about the first six minutes of a game. But even then our bark is worse than our bite most of the time - our torpedoes are pretty easily spotted.
  13. There's threads for that on the EU and NA forums, but since we can't look at those we're out of luck - some are even updated as game mechanics change. I'm sure they have very nice ones on the RU forums -- if you can read Russian. Failing that, certain YouTube streamers have pretty useful videos. iChase is pretty dry for my tastes, but he has some pretty useful videos on how to play WoWS. Some are a bit outdated with the revisions to the game, however. You'll also learn quite a bit watching the guy I consider to be the classiest WoWS YouTube streamer - the Mighty Jingles. Jingles will teach you a lot without really trying because he doesn't try and present himself as MASTER WOWS PLAYER - most of his tips and techniques you can pick up from him are things you feel anyone can learn to do, which is pretty nice.
  14. nyankochan


    I suspect that ships are deliberately designed to sink and vanish quickly as lots of dead ships on fire or whatever might be pretty, but it's going to cause performance issues.
  15. nyankochan

    Japan or USA Destroyers?

    I'm not really sure how much more risky USN DDs are than IJN ones. Right from the first tier, USN DDs can do the "pop smoke, drop anchor, and shell away" trick that makes them very durable. Long after Tier IV battles when everyone, their dog, and the dog's fleas get scout planes so it's sometimes almost impossible to sneak up on anything and torpedo it as an IJN DD, USN DDs can still do their smoke trick. As USN DD torpedoes improve as the tiers go up (in general, there's a few weird blips) launching torpedoes from the smoke becomes viable, not just shelling away. USN DD gun damage is simply out of control anyway, far more effective and reliable than torpedoes.