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  1. Mosinwx_Ext

    what is everyone's fun ship?

    Fletcher < the ship that i most happy to play in this game. Kamikaze R < sport car with torpedoes Scharnhorst < something that close to a so call "Battlecruiser"
  2. Mosinwx_Ext

    Ranked Battle Season 6 has begun!

    prepare to meet World of Tier VII premium ship shenanigan lol.
  3. Mosinwx_Ext

    Aimbotters, Matchmaking and ticket response

    some of my new player friend keep complaining about Aimbot, Map hacking or Damage Cheating(I guess he got citadeled or detonated) just because they don't understand game's mechanic or get clubbed by Seal Clubber and that make most of them stop playing this game. oh...and explaining how thing work to some of those people is a pain a b*tt.
  4. Mosinwx_Ext

    Japanese aircraft carrier is too strong,,,,

    JP CV is not too strong they got so many re-balance all along the update in some situation they are weak too but i accept that the USA CV is really got a hard time to fight with JP CV