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  1. nijou

    Is every Ship have their own LoS ?

    I cant say for sure if the view range of every ship differs but 1 thing for sure, even for a destroyer you can detect an enemy 20km away >>you can stalk him but you cant attack him<< view range depends on the Concealment stat of a ship and the condition of the map. Smoke screen can also make a ship....invisible(? i cant think of a better word) works so well that sometimes an enemy cant detect a destroyer at 4km distance.
  2. nijou

    Something like a Bug when sniping

    if u think your specs are bad, mine is even worse than yours. Just shoot more towards the front of the ships. Its easy to miss a shot around the back of an enemy ship because they move zig zag sometimes.
  3. nijou


  4. 其实不是什么alpha变beta。如果您确定您是alpha tester而论坛身份表示您是beta tester,请私密论坛Administrator。他们可以为您修改身份问题。这是已知论坛的问题。至于iwaki奖励, 似乎只有参加Random Battle才算战斗并需完成以上的条件
  5. nijou

    Pause Download

    the client update or download is pretty straight forward. Just start it, and leave it until its done. I dont remember required to even click anything. If u paused it before, just resume the download it will restores the downloaded files.
  6. nijou

    A point about Smoke Screens

    I wouldnt find this annoying when the recon planes can land directly on the crane.
  7. nijou


    I cant remember but from my in game summary it shows that I've only participated in 32 battles.
  8. nijou


    i thought i've atleast maxed my commander rank every test and did the quests almost everyday
  9. nijou


    my brother got it but I dont. The ship wasnt on his list as well i guess its purposely removed?
  10. nijou


    Version Patch Notes Iwaki is moved from the tree and now stands alone what does stands alone mean? ITs gone and I cant even see it in my ship tech tree.