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  1. rookieFTW

    Official Discord Dev QnA #2 (Not Readers Digest)

    I am speechless Are they implying there's always teamplay existing in every match?
  2. 不是bug, 一直以来都是只给一个。 可能是不想给太多经济旗吧
  3. 10.5 seconds for a CL is too long, even Baltimore has a 10 second reload
  4. rookieFTW

    Georgia or Thunderer?

    Both are really good. But Georgia can be purchase directly via premium shop while Thunderer is available only via coal. So if you have the cash, feel free to go for both. buy the Georgia, exchange the Thunderer.
  5. rookieFTW

    Which nation tech tree has destroyers with short range torpedoes?

    Yes, the whole UK DD line is good
  6. rookieFTW

    Which nation tech tree has destroyers with short range torpedoes?

    Ah my bad. I did my recommendation based on tech line progression and high tier grinding... Then I will wholeheartedly recommend you to buy the Derzki, just for the sh*t and giggles. 10 4km torps with a 22 second reload, the ultimate yolo boat of low tiers. But in my opinion the fun part dies after Derzki, the rest of the line is meh and powercrept.
  7. rookieFTW

    Which nation tech tree has destroyers with short range torpedoes?

    As Taipan has stated, the French DDs have poor to none AA, and most importantly, no smoke. Therefore French DD captains need excellent positioning skills and map awareness to use the ambush playstyle. Its a high risk high reward style of line. Oh by the way their reload is one of the best in class, Kleber has a 77 second stock reload while others are around 90-120 second stock reload Avoid overextending your ship. As you have no smoke, the only survival tool you have once getting focused is speed. You can take Taipan's advice to try out the UK DD line if you are new to the DD class. As they have short duration short cooldown smokes, so you always have a emergency cloak when things go south. And UK DDs are one of the best cap contesters, so you can learn cap contesting during the UK DD grind.
  8. rookieFTW

    Which nation tech tree has destroyers with short range torpedoes?

    In this case I would recommend you the French DD line, you can have a look at the WoWs wiki regarding their stats compared to the Khabarovsk line, they are the line design for yolo/ambush. The French has higher speed, better speed boost, a hull that reduces damage taken, and what you are more concerned about, better torps. In T9 the French has a total of 10 torps, 8km range, 75 knots and a damage of 18400 per hit. While the Soviet has 9 torps, 8km range, 60 knots and a damage of 15100 per hit. The difference is pretty obvious here right? Not to mention the Khabarovsk which has an even worse torpedo, 10 torps, 6km, 53 knots and a 19500 damage (although better in damage, but 6km in T10 is nearly impossible to use). Currently the Soviet line is lean towards a playstyle of long range HE spamming, while the French can do this as well, they excel better in the ambush playstyle. To be honest, you can avoid hitting allies by: 1. making sure there's no allied ship in your range/sailing in between you and your target, if you are in front of the team pretty sure this criteria is met easily. 2. Dump all the torps into the enemy precisely, letting them eat all the metal fishes.
  9. rookieFTW

    Which nation tech tree has destroyers with short range torpedoes?

    Khabarovsk's torpedo is nearly unusable, too slow (less than 60 knots) and too short (6km) for effective usage. The French DDs' torps are better, you have a bit of stealth torpedo window and it's fast enough. Or, if you want the ultimate yolo experience, the Paolo Emilio is the one.
  10. rookieFTW


    But that speed and AA can't make her charge enemies effectively though
  11. rookieFTW

    Pommern or Georgia?

    Pommern indeed overlaps those in play styles/gimmicks, especially Odin. Georgia on the other hand is the unique one, she has too many gimmicks on her making her play style unique and irreplaceable
  12. rookieFTW

    Mama Mia,

    It's a gorgeous camo, but in poorly lighted maps (ugh northern waters...that map hurts my eyes) it looks like the player is not using a camo thanks to my average graphics. Therefore an Amalfi/Brindisi running that camo is making me paranoid sometimes😂
  13. rookieFTW

    Why [Midway] can join the random battle?

    Decided to take a look, and yes. Only Midway is not restricted (I don't have the guts to press "battle" as I still need my karma)