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  1. rookieFTW

    T10 Hayate - Apr 29 - - 2 Million FXP

    A waaaay better DD: Småland
  2. rookieFTW


    莫洛托夫吗?的确是一艘对新手很不友好的船... 目前来说多陪陪他玩然后看他对什么线有兴趣吧,让他把莫洛托夫放一边,等有经验和意识后再拿来玩,毕竟那船玩的好超神玩不好超鬼。 真的,没大佬带自己摸索的话会很辛苦,太吃意识了,稍微出错就会被敌人狠狠制裁,被队友狠狠喷一脸。 没关系的啦,反正游戏世界本来就得多探索未知领域,他不喜欢这个也很正常,如果他还有兴趣就多陪他玩,想弃坑就不必强留。(想当年我在班上简报大力宣传这破游戏结果大家都没啥兴趣)
  3. rookieFTW

    Euro DD AA DPS too high

    Well she's not Swedish and she doesn't have Bofors products on her, so she isn't under the protection of the mighty Bofors😅 AA doesn't work like that now, if the enemy CV wants to strike you he can at least put in 1 attack, the purpose of AA and fighters are only for reducing the chances of enemy CV's continuous attack using the same flight group. The times where you can neutralize the planes before they strike are when the enemy CV decides to strike a group of ships/you have godly AA and your ship is on a higher tier than CV/he doesn't dodge the flak clouds (IIRC there are more reasons out there but I can only think of these)
  4. rookieFTW

    Euro DD AA DPS too high

    In Bofors we trust.
  5. rookieFTW

    Have you Quit Playing World of Warhsips?

    Still playing but I do not pay attention to their time gating strategies anymore, just play for enjoyment, not play for completing missions or campaigns.
  6. Epic fail right there my son, the one who would like to analyse your stats is @InterconKW, not me , please check back a couple of pages ago so you can refresh that memory, I did not say anything about wanting to analyse your stats nor I have interest on doing it. On the other hand, if you eagerly want to prove your worth maybe reveal your stats instead of posting 2 screenshots where you managed to get a second place in losing team, these results does not represent anything regarding stats or overall game performance at all 🤣 You are really amusing, please start to improve your memory or else feel free to be the source of my daily entertainment.
  7. rookieFTW

    quitting the game

    Actually, you need to know what happened between both of them
  8. Looking back from the first post, damn this growth of this thread is really amusing/entertaining 🤣
  9. Interesting, so all in all I got perceived as this kind of personality while all I do is reminding you the current state of the game + attitude of developer as well as what you can do as an individual player. At the start of my conversation with you do I look down on you? No.(But a few posts ago I see no need of continuing a friendly attitude to some overreacting guy) Me and another guy who would like to analyze your stats to help finding your problem received snarky responses and hostile attitude, and as I was suggesting the only possible way you can do now I got labelled as "arrogant". Do you do that to your teacher when he or she is trying to help? Stop overreacting to peoples words and maybe tone down your sensitivity and hostility. And yeah good games right there but what are you trying to achieve by linking a couple of screenshots? To prove that you are a good player? Is that necessary? Does anyone here stat shamed you? Jeez. I didn't even have the thought of/behavior of comparing you with me and see who's better, or who is more righteous and here you are playing victim.
  10. 🙄 I guess you are one of the players that went hiatus and come back after a long time, and saw the mess that WG did in ruining this game. But can you do anything to change it? Either accept and adapt, try having fun in the game itself or you can be the director of WG/get yourself a time machine so you can go back to 3 years ago and enjoy. Nah you need to understand WG doesn't care about people like you anymore, because these people invests some money in the game then they command & complain WG here and there and they are fed up with customers like this, what they want are silent whales which throws money to them regardless. You need to know what the playerbase has went through (its utter crap), some leave as they can't take it, some stay and adapt. Change that mindset which everything should follow your instructions. Take it or leave it. Get it? It would be a miracle if WG is starting to get rid of the long lasting problems of the game. And you are looking at the wrong direction in searching for competitive plays, random battles are just stat padding and chaos, get a clan and join clan battle if you want some competitive experience. I am trying to remind you that this game isn't the same one a few years ago. Actually you fit more on @InterconKW 's description, do you know? The below sentences are extracted directly from the first post. "Plenty of people complain about having bad winrates but the painful irony of it is that many are not willing to work for it and learn the game or assess the game environment properly." "people who play poorly but rant about the team or the game (balance, matchmaking etc.)" "push the fault away from themselves, developing very entitled and toxic attitudes. In their eyes, they are perfect and other things are not working for them, and many others seem to have the same "problem"" Some old people are kind of like this, reminiscing their blissful life in the past and blame the current lifestyle as it doesn't fit their liking; while taking no steps in improving themselves or adapting to it, they keep spreading negative emotions and statements to others as they are living in "agony".
  11. Hmm, then there's no need for me to be patient with you anymore since you take offences to advises/viewpoints/analysis. My point from the start is (have to restate this again since you seems unable to get my point): improve yourself since that's the only thing you can change, don't let anything influence you too much (i.e. stupid teammates). And stats is still an important factor when accessing a player's ability. Based on your statement, that's normal for a server filled with bots. You can't expect everything to go your way since you are playing with other 23 players/bots, just contribute to the team then. If you are "good enough" I don't think you will find yourself at the bottom of scoreboard after the game. If you find playing a game dull I suspect you are doing something wrong/having a wrong mentality/have no companions along the way/this is not the game for you. Maybe for starters you can stop whining and be positive.
  12. rookieFTW

    How To Drop Anchors ?

    I suspect OP posted this after watching the movie "Battleship"
  13. rookieFTW


  14. You are really persistent to this huh? It's a subjective matter in terms of that, and tbh I do not met too much of it when playing daily (not to the point of thinking its the norm), there's no need to insists whether a match is steamroll or not, or how many percentage shall it takes up of a gaming session to become a "norm" of the game, focus on improving the only thing you can improve: that's yourself (no offence here). Let it be. Mind rephrase this again? The syntax of your sentence is in disorder and I can't make sense out of it
  15. If you adapt to the meta your stats won't be affected too much (it still shows your standards as a player), why blame the meta when you can adapt yourself? Secondary build Yamato was never the suitable build for her along the years, maybe you can do it for the memes and laughs, but if you want to unlock her full potential, survival build is the way. Therefore your argument is invalid (been here since open beta so I know my stuffs). If secondary cultists like you still wants to reminiscing the full glory of secondaries the German BBs and the 3 premium USN BBs (Massa, Georgia & Ohio) are the only valid choice, but still, if you know and adapt to the meta, survival build (for the German BBs, since they are huge and clumsy, feel free to rampage in your premium USN BBs since they have the gimmicks) is the boring but trusty way. Then try to contribute to the team as much as possible then, if you have the heart to git gud, eventually one day you can git gud, blaming anything except yourself does not solve the problem. Even though steamrolls are majority in your case you can still do something right?