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  1. rookieFTW

    Questionable spawn points.

    If CVs are presented in this situation, if one team's middle spawned DD isn't suitable for capping it will bring disadvantages as well, for example Skane facing Jervis; as the middle DD is usually tasked to hold the central cap as long as possible
  2. rookieFTW

    Really HATE the IOWA

    Calm down...its fine now
  3. rookieFTW

    Research Bureau Idea Suggestions

    People might have said this before: RB is a feature that is faced towards whales or old accounts that have a firm basis & full of resources. It is 100% not for normal/new accounts So the RB rewards should be something exciting for old players, and to new players the rewards wouldn't let them feel the need/pressured to participate in RB, they can focused in other aspects in the game. Using ships is the worst choice, especially in this case of V2
  4. rookieFTW

    Total rewards for ZF-6 Dockyard

    The most economical way is to buy the 5k pack right? But have to grind every single stage
  5. Those are noobs, and frankly bots are better than them, at least bots don't trashtalk
  6. rookieFTW

    Everyone hates carriers so....

    Everyone except the people who can't actually play proper BBs and use AP in game hate snipingThunderers in WoWs. Literally everyone. So why don't we just make a gentlemen's rule and teamkill all Thunderers every match? That should remove them from playing pretty quickly I'd assume or fix it for me if there's better way of phrasing it
  7. rookieFTW

    Everyone hates carriers so....

    Since when does a gentleman TK teammates? Wtf
  8. Snipers will pick off the bots, then continue sniping
  9. rookieFTW

    Vampire II may be RP... ...

    Tbh RB for me isn't a problem, I spent a lot of time on the game and my account has a firm basis which all resources are self sustainable even without a premium But RB is a very hard requirement for normal accounts, which players didn't invest a lot of time in it and only play during free time Now for Vampire 2, for me which isn't an Australian it is just a competitive DD (no offense here), but I get the reason why Australians are disappointed, the excitement & attachment towards Vampire 2 was getting locked behind a high grind/pay wall. Ah there's once a time when WG asked the community what type of resources Hayate should be in, imagine they asked on Vampire 2 again, I am sure RB will be the least chosen option
  10. rookieFTW

    Vampire II may be RP... ...

    A bit mindblown on the fact that someone casually said "it's only grinding" on RB system which desperately needs an overhaul
  11. rookieFTW


    射程砍了1.3公里真的不痛不痒阿,应该砍的是那装填或者舵效 一个雷神就已经够呛的了,最近那么多甚至出现一侧两雷神的清况;有一把我被航母亮着的大和根本摸不上去,20公里对炮的话两者有差一倍左右的舵效,大和的炮雷神能躲,雷神的炮大和不可能躲,更别提是两个雷神了 双方技术一样的话雷神对上一般战舰有着太多优势,尤其是美战三线根本被吊起来打
  12. Or according to a few other comments I saw, reverse the Deadeye and make it accurate only inside base detection range
  13. rookieFTW

    PT 0.10.3, balance changes

    Is this necessary?
  14. rookieFTW

    Really HATE the IOWA

    No deadeye & fire prevention, tbh 4 heals are enough most of the time I have the same thought as you years ago, which I think that Iowa wasn't an improvement over NC, as the grind on Iowa is incredibly tedious and the improvement isn't that drastic But tbh I finished my Iowa grind months ago as I changed my thinking, Iowa has a totally different playstyle & environment compare to NC, in NC you can hold an angle and punish anyone in front of you. Iowa's worse mobility and large superstructure means that she shouldn't bow tank, use her speed and stealth + deadeye to get broadsides, she's very consistent in it. I do tank but most of the time I will find ways to disengage and pop my heal, Iowa's heal is good but aren't that versatile as Massa's short cool down heal Did WG really just announced removal of deadeye after I wrote this?
  15. rookieFTW

    erm what

    By paper it is 305mm guns In reality, the penetration is similar to Minnesota/NC's guns In Alaska I had to aim towards BB's upper belt at longer distance, but in Stalingrad? Just aim at the citadel armor and get citadels