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  1. rookieFTW

    In remembrance of Minekaze

    F (and I shall take out my rusty Kamikaze R now )
  2. rookieFTW

    back pains due to carrying too hard

    Well I should couple that with my Nagato too, the more the merrier Summary: Alone in a flank with little to none support against a mix of DDs, CLs and BBs.
  3. Colorado? Yes, I love that ship except the speed, her handling and guns are way more superior than Nagato IMO, and her dispersion is more reliable when DS-ing CAs. But still I sell her for the NC...
  4. rookieFTW

    Soviet DD> USN DD at close range ?

    Besides the disadvantage on RoF while CQC, VMF DDs also suffers in slow turret turning and large sizes, while USN DDs can kill them with no scope, VMF DDs struggles to keep their guns on target in CQC. Once kill a Tashkent in 4km, he can't even shoot a single salvo while my Fletcher empties his HP.
  5. rookieFTW

    This is an excellent game (Thank-you)

    World of Warships is Awesome because I can have fun playing ships and have some salt...for free!
  6. rookieFTW

    Did you keep or sale your's tier 8 ships

    Me 2, I thought my Chapayev can replace her,but sadly no, the 9.3km concealment, excellent handling, devastating 15-shell broadside,high citadel, slow turret tranverse is just unique and fun.
  7. rookieFTW

    Some Unicums are taking seal clubbing to a whole new level

    And I thought a 110 bogue can't effect the battle too much, you prove me wrong as you quickly dispatched them and demoralised our whole team in a short time, nice play there.
  8. rookieFTW

    Some Unicums are taking seal clubbing to a whole new level

    Unicums will have high ranks doesn't mean high ranking players are all unicums, having persistence is more crucial than skill when playing RB, so even a normal player can be carried to R3 and above, not to mention there are some players who doesn't want to touch RB cuz its too salty. And sealclubbing means using a mid to low tier ship and "bully" the playerbase at there, eg. using a 110 Bogue and DS every Kuma in the opposite team.(if u know who I mean ).
  9. rookieFTW

    Open Beta Memories

    AFT is so powerful for CLs back then...poor Mogami.
  10. rookieFTW

    Is fletcher balanced ?

    The only thing Fletcher struggles is when MM puts her in Standard Mode, cuz the meta on Standard Mode is running and kiting, BTW it hurts IJN DDs too.
  11. rookieFTW

    Japanese cruiser tips?

    Apart from that, kite enemy BBs to migitate ur short firing range.For skills the demo expert and conceal expert are very important.
  12. rookieFTW

    Looking to make some magical guide

    I can help on topics related to CAs(exclude the Germans) or mid-tier battles
  13. rookieFTW

    What did i do wrong?

    The low damage roll with HE even under 7km? Maybe its damage saturation or something.
  14. rookieFTW

    Should mogami get a range upgrade?

    Kite everyone except DDs and CVs(charge them if you got the chance to do that), and resist the urge to use all your turrets ( especially 155mm build) except the enemy isn't looking at you, and keep turning and slowing down speeding up ( use the propulsion mode to get in and out of fights quicker), most importantly: do not solo charge with her. 15.7km is ok-ish for me and having concealment expert helps a lot. She's the best mid-range support to DDs IMO.