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  1. GoodMorning_MFs


    Weird, you said that your info is from WG's how it works but then you can't find it yourself Anyways, here you go Ammo - Global wiki. Wargaming.net
  2. GoodMorning_MFs

    Tier x Italian cruiser Napoli incoming?

    IIRC the gimmick is SAP secondaries, which has accuracy on par with Graf Zeppelin
  3. GoodMorning_MFs


    半夜玩窝窝屎伤肝又伤神 现在我在催眠自己,宁可早睡放弃任务也不要半夜上线了
  4. GoodMorning_MFs

    There's no Yukon Uproar Here?

    Busy popping popcorns instead of joining in the rage on it There's a few threads about it in here, but despite we voicing out dissatisfaction and giving advices, it's falling on deaf ears
  5. GoodMorning_MFs

    République or not

    The line is actually good so no need to skip it (although I had trouble with the Richeliu) Repub is not bad, everything of it is fast. But imo not competitive
  6. GoodMorning_MFs

    Minotaur commander build and modules ?

    Actually Minotaur's captain skill is fairly flexible, she can work even with basic 10 points of IFA/LS, PT, SI & CE. The spreadsheet's one is also viable, swap the radar module to either hydro upgrade or engine protection if you prefer smoke minotaur. It also provides alternative skills if you don't want to follow the spreadsheet's recommendation. Personally I will swap the AA skill to RPF since RPF essentially is a dumb radar
  7. GoodMorning_MFs

    Unbalanced ranked battles - Season 3 - 2021

    Team lineups do have some some sort of influence towards the outcome but its all random, therefore blaming the MM isn't on point, the thing you can control is how good you carry the team. Thus just do what you can and move on. Moreover, blaming the MM by just one sample doesn't make your point stand, unless you can prove that you didn't get OP ships as your teammates over a great number of samples. If you feel like Izumo doesn't make the cut (which imo is still a solid pick) you can choose other ships that you have such as Lenin for the tankiness & close range accuracy, or you can play DD/CV as both classes have an easier time in influencing the battlefield than a BB. You don't have to try that hard till the point you are frustrated by your teammates' pick, you really can't do anything about it, time is still available for you to qualify for silver so eventually you will get there. I wonder if I will end up here in a screenshot since I plan to grind my GJ Maerker in ranked feel free to bash me if you meet me in it
  8. GoodMorning_MFs


    SAP对于装甲的理解稍微苛刻,熟记它的穿深 (例如你说的5级战舰SAP穿深是79mm),记得瞄准对手薄于79mm的区域,厚一点都不行。所以船头、船尾、上层装甲、上层建筑是最好打的地方。 意战SAP的好处是不会过穿(不过对DD的话还是只能造成10%伤害),刷伤害较为稳定 (6) How it Works: SAP Shells - YouTube (SAP的机制,但记得这影片是关于意巡的SAP)
  9. GoodMorning_MFs

    ZAO in 2021

    Firing angles as well, one needs to be mindful when shooting a full salvo as it softens up the angle a lot. I am tempted to suggest dpm buff but then again low dpm but accurate salvos is what makes her unique I would like to bring her for a few spins but at the moment I am truly bored of playing HE spamming cruisers
  10. GoodMorning_MFs

    What are your BEST ships for RANKED Silver League?

    Besides the ones mentioned you can also try ZF-6/Kitakaze, ships I don't have atm but definitely can work are Soyuz/Jutland/Riga/Izumo, those are tech tree ships so not that hard to get. But tbh I kind of changed my mentality already, I no longer try hard in silver now since those who try hard should be in gold. Hence I grind ships there as I find that grinding ships there are faster and it has a different environment than random mode. For example I finish half of my Saint Louis grind on ranked, it is way much fun than randoms since my role in randoms are mostly spamming HE at BBs. In ranked I can speed boost + hydro + reload booster to chase DDs, although it comes at a cost of winrate & karma, but I am thick-skinned about it already
  11. Yep IIRC that's the only use of it, which isn't worth it unless you are a whale. You are right on the other paragraph, hence why RB is a late game mechanic as one needs to invest a lot of stuffs on it. Seems like you have mixed up the term "module" & "upgrade" Module is researchable stuffs of a ship, for example Yugumo's F3 torpedoes and GK's 420mm guns. You can sold a ship's stock modules via inventory tab. Upgrades is stuffs buy via credits or coals, and mounted on slots. There's no legendary module btw, only legendary upgrades. Upgrades will be demounted for free when you reset the line
  12. All ship XP  is moved to the Tier I ship, Mounted Upgrades are de-mounted to Inventory at no cost, Mounted camouflages, skins, and signals are de-mounted,[5] Commanders are moved to Reserve (slots are added when necessary), The ships in port are sold for credits  at the normal Sell price, Modules, whether mounted or in Inventory, are sold for credits  at the normal Sell price, The relevant Battle Performance Bonus is added to each researched[6] Tier V to X ship, Tier II to X ships and their modules become locked, A icon appears in the tech tree and in the Ship Carousel on each ship with a bonus available, indicating that that can be earned from that ship. From the wiki
  13. GoodMorning_MFs

    High Tier Never be Challenging

    It's always a tough experience when doing solo Sometimes I would put down my grinding schedule and keep playing the ships I like, or go ham in co-op, or else the never ending grind will exhaust me. A few months ago I decided to skip both Italy BBs & German split DDs but welp, I nearly finish my Colombo grind & about to start from GJ Merkel. Its a life of grinding
  14. GoodMorning_MFs

    "Signals from Achievements", WarGaming, what are you thinking???

    I do make a similar post back in May when I was frustrated too after having good games but not rewarded saw posts after posts on this matter in reddit too Nerfed signal income - General Discussions - World of Warships Official Asia Forums Doing good should be rewarded, on the other hand, a consolation after being unlucky (aka detonated) is required too. Its not only the player that gets detonated will be frustrated, teammates will be frustrated too since their game is jeopardized by detonated teammate, at least in the past the guy that gets blown up can have flags as a consolation prize but now everyone is annoyed why not just frigging remove detonations then?
  15. GoodMorning_MFs

    How to Not Voice your Opinions

    That's a easy addition to blacklist