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  1. Stein_Grenadier

    Look lads, 700/700/700/700

    More like you're always inactive. Less Shima, more WoWS. Don't you dare.
  2. Stein_Grenadier

    Look lads, 700/700/700/700

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I couldn't do it without the help of my supportive buddies!
  3. Stein_Grenadier

    USS Alabama Only for Supertesters

    Or, or. You guys could ignore the leaks and just play the game normally.
  4. Stein_Grenadier

    A New Low - Co-Op Horror

    Bots are suicidally aggressive. It throws off anyone used to regular meta.
  5. Why are you making an issue about acceleration/deceleration? If anything, that would only affect shooting at long range. Heck, it's not "an unassailable advantage" given that even battleships have this capability. Judging the speed of something is based on player observation- Same goes for assessing an enemy player's tendencies. Don't get fooled by the same trick twice. Dispersion helps prevent unicums from dominating a match. It keeps each salvo 'balanced' at long range. If anything, making every shell accurate would lead to a new meta where the most maneuverable ships have an unfair advantage because they simply need to slightly adjust their ship to dodge entire salvoes. Dispersion makes or breaks a salvo- Sometimes with that one errant shell landing a citadel when you know you've aimed badly. I don't see why you're making an issue about DDs stealth torping- That's easily nullified by going bow-on to reduce the chances of getting hit, as well as the number you'd take in your hull. Floatplanes, sonar and friendly ships can spot torpedoes early- And if you can see them coming, you can definitely dodge them. Heck, using radar will make the torpedo vectors predictable if the DD gets spotted. A single DD can harass, but not kill a cluster of ships. More than anything, the evasive maneuvers scatter enemy formations, force them to show broadsides and possibly beach them. It's more of a psychological weapon that forces enemies to retreat under fear of taking damage.
  6. Stein_Grenadier

    CV manual Drop ? why

    You'll get dropped on if you look like you could be dropped on. It's an attack every few minutes- In a 20 minute match.
  7. Stein_Grenadier

    MAA or AFT for the first 4-point skill in New Mexico?

    AFT Once a CV sees their plane squadron icons flashing an entire screen away from a single BB, they wouldn't touch it unless they want to dump their planes.
  8. Rank these by importance from top (Most important) to bottom (Least important): Ship width Rudder shift time Turning radius Ship maximum speed Ship acceleration Ship present vector (Direction) Whether or not you're getting shot at Torpedo speed Torpedo vector (Direction) Torpedo spotting range (w/ or w/o effects of floatplanes, vigilance, sonar, TAM or friendly spotters) Torpedo maximum range Torpedo formation (Closeness to each torpedo) Torpedo obstacles (Islands, ships, etc)
  9. Stein_Grenadier

    An interesting candidate for Pan-Asia DD

    127mm and 100mm main batteries? Wonder how that'll work.
  10. Stein_Grenadier

    My experience having no good AA guns on my IJN DDs

    iirc the AA DPS come from separate ticks. It's not a matter of adding their AA up. Imagine having a fire while flooding on deck. Even though they both triggered at the same time, the damage taken by the ship still occurs in 1 tick. However, this is only for DoT. AA, however, has different ticks. You don't magically shoot down 3 planes at once because you can only shoot down 1 plane a tick. This means that this is the effect of multiple ticks taking effect when a squadron gets wiped the moment they flew over something like an Iowa; the AA DPS does not stack, and only means that the game interprets the different AA ranges separately. So rather than having a massive "600+" AA DPS, it's actually just 3x 200 AA DPS working on different ticks and shooting down a plane on each roll. tl;dr different AA ranges are counted as different sources of damage. Like how ship AA vs a squadron is separate from when an FT squadron is also engaging it.
  11. I wonder if you free exp given as task awards also count because they were technically earned from that battle. Two birds with one stone.
  12. Stein_Grenadier

    My experience having no good AA guns on my IJN DDs

    I am starting to believe in my new lord and savior 40mm Bofors Type 5.
  13. Stein_Grenadier

    Need some help with Mogami and ARP Takao please

    Arpeggio commanders override any captain audio settings.
  14. Stein_Grenadier

    About the Clan List

    Stein's Great Purge of 2016.
  15. Stein_Grenadier

    What are the Arpeggio Battle Voices Saying?

    Vote for Arp Kongo. No matter what happens, she'll just go "Bothersome..."