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  1. kevin01523

    Win Exclusive World of Warships Codes

    well this was the GLEAM.IO CONTEST part though since winners will be announced in 3 hours or less than a day i posted it to gather more invite and the stuct 14k+ did made it to 15k so this post alone contributed to hundreds of entries ill post an update after the contest
  2. kevin01523

    Win Exclusive World of Warships Codes

    well just trying our rng luck well i posted this also to remind those people who joined to look forward who will win one of those keys and also im hoping atleast they added winners since 50 out of 14k-15k
  3. kevin01523

    Win Exclusive World of Warships Codes

    this is part of it but this is different though there is still no winners so... oh well
  4. Win Exclusive World of Warships Codes 7 days Premium Subscription 500 Doubloons, Marblehead Premium Ship Port Slot By Participating in the sweepstakes, you agree to the following: • The Sweepstakes will begin on 23 October 2015 08 00 PDT and end on 23 November 2015 23 59 PST, or such other date/time as Razer may announce. • Winners will be chosen by 30 November and codes will be sent out by 6 December. • Eligibility: • No purchase necessary. • Must be 13 and over to participate. • Must meet further entry requirements in the Additional Sweepstakes Terms & Conditions: http://www.razerzone.com/terms-conditions/contestThis promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. https://gleam.io/smo96-E2ghn0
  5. kevin01523

    a count down and we go wows

    well some mods did say that around 20 something may happen. and all weekend testers are automatically accepted to the next weekend test. also on cbt when it happens
  6. kevin01523

    General WoWS Discussion

    [Content removed] Breaking NDA. Post edited. ~amade