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  1. Noirfeuille

    just wondering about CV test

    thx mate... i'm thinking some new build for the captain on CV rework test, just that i dont know only that part
  2. Noirfeuille

    just wondering about CV test

    what is that afterburning thing? seems like i cant understand that part
  3. Noirfeuille

    Citadels and You - Your guide to Massive Damage.

    so it is under turret, eh? will try it then
  4. Noirfeuille

    Why is it Atago?

    why is it atago? because pan paka pan
  5. Noirfeuille

    Can't log into WoW

    i already tried it too.. its said incorrect id and password at eu server i tried asia server and got log in easily
  6. Noirfeuille

    Upcoming premiums

    wow mikasa.. its nice to see that ship in game