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  1. Yami_Shoumetsu

    Shotgun approach to BB gunfire

    try getting the increase of main battery accuracy module if it helps
  2. Yami_Shoumetsu

    Story of a pack of TB that run away

    they are probably just checking if there are some BB camper in the blue line to sink
  3. Yami_Shoumetsu

    The BB question

    as a BB user currently in tier 8....this is what i most see and i also do in the last days i've been playing(stopped playing more than a week now, waiting for patch 3.1 till i play again).....fyi, i dont camp in blue line only in base during low tier BBs up to nagato, i've been playing an aggressive style.....but the game seems to hate my style.......the turret ko bug suddenly appeared.....when that appeared, i rarely played aggressively on my nagato.....and when i reached amagi, another factor appeared......repair cost is so painful......when i tried playing aggressively on my amagi,,,,,most of the time my repair cost is higher than the rewards i get making me lose credit per match....
  4. there should be AI controlled ships in the borders of the map who attacks anyone who goes near of it......AND IT SHOULD BE INDESTRUCTIBLE
  5. how about a global announcement in the map.... say when someone touches those blue lines in the edges of the map, there would be an announcement saying "there's a BLUE LINE CAMPER over here...anyone who sinks this ship shall have BONUS REWARDS"....then give them bonus reward for sinking it......of course there should be condition for it to be detected as a camper.....maybe only those who have done nothing for a period of time and touched the blue line shall be given that announcement...... or if u want it to be so punishing....once a camper is detected in blue line....whole game objectives is dropped and changed to sinking that camper....teams will be merged vs the campers......
  6. hmmm....i guess to really make people avoid camping.....LET ALL SHIPS OF THE LOSING TEAM EXPLODE........well i guess that is so harsh but it would definitely force everyone to play their best so as not to lose..... would definitely punished campers so much....
  7. just remove the rewards when the game detected they did nothing.....there was one instance where i barely did anything....i was amagi at that time.....only less than 5 hits as most of my shots missed and others are bad luck RNG messing with me....and i'm at full hp....game ended fast due to the efforts of teammate DDs and CAs.....now....i got around 30k silver from there and only around 200 xp.....with repairs and ammunition cost only around 2k....so basically i earned 28k barely doing nothing.....on high tier BBs, SINKING is a big risk.....games where i die fast due to focus fire of enemy gives me around 90k for service and repair, but i only got around 40k rewards on the end of the match so basically i just lost 50k on that match due to repair and not enough performance on my part....... there was even a time where my match are with tier x....im amagi and we got 2 yamato.....I WAS SO PISSED OF at that match.....map is ice islands....BOTH OF THEM just hide in the ice in the northern area while most of us are battling in the middle...and enemy didnt even bother chasing them and just focused on us battling in the middle.....both of the yamato where unharmed with their hiding and we lost the match.....i bet THEY ARE TOO SCARED TO SINK as the COST IS HUGE.......
  8. Yami_Shoumetsu

    Dual Screen tabbing out issue

    this doesn't resolve the issue completely.....been using borderless gaming by codeusa to play in borderless windowed mode......everytime i alt tab.....SOME sounds are muted.....
  9. Yami_Shoumetsu

    Several issues when using Battleships

    3. when u get to higher tier BB.....you can rely on your secondary armaments to take down CA and DD when they are in range of it.....i even managed to kill 1 CA and 1 DD circling around me with my hp around 1/5 left using only the secondary armaments.....i've also managed to kill lots of DD who like to get close to drop torps only to die in my secondary armaments..... damage seems to be fine already....u just need to hit the right part of the ship....u can even kill instantly a full hp CV in just 1 full salvo(managed to do once, was not able to do again.....seems i was so lucky at that time...) 4. your graphics settings maybe is not maxed....i got mine maxed and can really feel the AA feedback....can even see smokes in the sky from exploding projectiles........but i do agree on the machine gun part that it lacks a bit.... 5. for me the only use of scout planes is too see hiding enemies behind islands...other than that, feels useless as it can't be controlled.... leading ships is just purely skill...you just have to get used to it.....
  10. Yami_Shoumetsu

    Specifying specific speeds

    It would really be nice if there is an option to specify specific speed(in knots) of your ship...very useful if you want group of different ships to cruise together..... right now, the current speed of 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, full is enough for a casual player but i think you need to give option to provide specific speeds for more hardcore players.....
  11. Yami_Shoumetsu

    Impressions so far

    you can't just nerf torpedoes on cruisers as there are some cruisers made to be torpedo monsters(kitakami)...if you will nerf torpedo, nerf them for everyone or not at all....
  12. Yami_Shoumetsu

    naval terms and slangs

    hmmm....would be nice if such terms can be viewed ingame as part of help or something....so that players have a common ground on terms and slangs.....
  13. Yami_Shoumetsu

    Knowledge for Codes

    1-Sultanas, Currents, Raisans and Nuts. 2- Vanguard of a Fleet 3- HMAS Anzac 4- 12 years 5- HMAS Sydney 6- Soft drink/soda pop 7- "Ladder wells and" 8- A type of knot 9- Half a day off 10- KaZanova