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  1. Shibbyland

    Sound bug 0.5.11

    Issue: Unable to hear incoming shells, sound cuts out intermittently. Screenshots: Not applicableShip: So Far, Colorado, Atago, Cleveland but I suspect it is any shipMap: AnyOccurrences: Nearly every time I am fired at. Other players have said they are also experiencing the bug.Tested: It occurred on three out of three gamesSeverity: It is annoying, when shot at from multiple directions it makes it more difficult to know where to move to get out of the way.Details: As above.
  2. Shibbyland

    Rules when observing new ships.

    Thanks for the response guys. Looking forward to the German BB line, probably the only line I want every ship from.
  3. Hi All, I just wanted to ask about what was acceptable when observing testers using ships not yet released. I am aware the testers have signed a non disclosure agreement and as such cannot answer any questions. However, it occurred to me that people are often very interested in the new ships and how they are performing. Is there anything wrong with making observations in game about your attacks on or defense from these ships under testing? Whilst it's enjoyable to discuss them in game in anticipation of their release I wouldn't want to cause an issue. Thanks
  4. Shibbyland


    Yea I've always noticed the Warspite to catch fire but I wonder if that's just because its a little shorter range than the likes of a Fuso so you get hit by DDs and cruiser HE a lot more. The change I've really noticed is how everything seems to citadel me now even when I'm angled. I saw the same thing to happen to another Warspite player just now, its like its suddenly made of cardboard, very strange. I hope it does turn out to be a bug and get fixed because I used to love using it for a good scrap but I can't now I just get dominated.
  5. Shibbyland


    Hi All, I have returned to the game after several weeks of not playing. Has something changed with the Warspite. It used to be a great brawler, it could take lots of hits (especially torpedo hits) but now it get citadel'd as if its a cruiser. I can't get through a battle without taking max damage at least 2 or 3 times and Im not playing any differently to how I normally play. I've heard theres a bug with the warspite. Is this true?
  6. Shibbyland

    Sound effects

    Hi, I just wanted to ask if something has changed with the sound in the last couple of months (or give feedback on what im noticing). I've just returned to the game after a few weeks of not playing and something just seems different, the game is much quieter than it used to be. I think its that I cant hear fire from other ships as much or maybe something like that but im not sure. The game used to feel fast paced and action packed and whilst nothing has really changed in how I play something just feels missing/bland and im pretty sure its the sound.
  7. Shibbyland

    Premium sales

    Thanks for your reply. So just to confirm, when I see the Tirpitz on sale it will also be in the in game store for doubloons regardless of whether there is only a bundle online? If so, great...but a also a shame as had I realised that a couple of days ago I would have bought it haha.
  8. Shibbyland

    Premium sales

    Please offer more premium sales without bundles. Thanks for putting Tirpitz back up again but as with last time it was sold in a bundl I would love to buy it but the bundle price is just too much to pay at once even if you do get the gold. If you offer it in future without it being in a bundle You'll have at least one more sale (but I suspect a lot more than that).
  9. Shibbyland

    Premium Advice

    Thanks for that, oh yea is repair free on Premiums like in WoT or do you have to pay silver?
  10. Shibbyland

    Premium Advice

    Hi All, Need some advice on purchasing please. I want to buy a premium ship because I don't have any at all. I'm quite on the fence about it because of the price. Firstly, are they worth it? Secondly, I had hoped to buy either the Warspite or Tirpitz but they are rarely on sale. Should I buy the Atlanta or Atago, or should I wait for the Tirpitz? I play mainly battleship as I want to grind to Yamato. Regardless of what class I play my style is generally to get in as close as I can and aim for citadel hits at low trajectory. Cheers
  11. Shibbyland

    Return of Tirpitz

    Yea true, it sucks I missed that one. I mainly want it because I'm playing mostly battleship and was going to use it for credits/free XP. Trying to unlock Yamato but I'll probably have that done by the time Tirpitz is next on sale so won't need it.
  12. Shibbyland

    Return of Tirpitz

    It would be good if we all ran on the same timetable. I just started following the main World of Warships facebook page, until recently I didn't even know a specific Asia page existed. Even if we could gift between servers would be good. I want to buy two of these ships but they are rarely available on the asia server. I don't check the page every single day to see whats on so I (and they) miss out.
  13. Shibbyland

    Return of Tirpitz

    Hi All, I just noticed the EU server has the Tirpitz for sale but the Asia server doesn't. Is there any correlation between servers? I.e are we likely to see the Tirpitz come up for sale again on the Asia server? I'm quite keen to buy either the Tirpitz or Warspite but obviously can't do so using a different server. I've only recently returned to the game after months doing other things so sorry if this has been covered already. Cheers