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  1. Snadeko

    Can't update 14/7 patch?

    So no one even dev or mod willing to help? OK
  2. Snadeko

    Can't update 14/7 patch?

    This morning I tried to update the game but it keep saying that "unable to extract update, see the log file". Any idea to solve this? Already tried to uninstall the entire of game and re-install it, still happen. btw my PC have 35.7Gb free space on C: and 50Gb free on D:, so please
  3. Snadeko

    Moving Commander?

    then when we play him to fully retrain those penaltied skills will restore? and we can continue grinding for crew xp again? starting to get it, thank guys
  4. Snadeko

    Moving Commander?

    If my commander have 3 unspent skillpoints, then I move him to other ship, and half-retrain him, then what will happen? Will he keep these points (or there will be some penalty like only 2 sp left?)?
  5. OMG I don't know that, really massive damage, while I just spamming HE and hope it make the enemy on fire all the time
  6. Snadeko

    Moving Commander?

    Well just exactly like the title, can I change the commander from older ship to my new bought one? Because the old commander have higher skill level than the new bought commander, that i don't want to waste it. And show me how to do that (with a detailed guide is fine), I'm a very newcomer, haven't played CBT at all. Thank you! //sorry for my bad English, and sorry if this thread is posted in wrong place