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  1. It's Age Of Empire 3 It renders breaking of mast, fall of good on the ship, and breaking and falling of ship mass as a ship get damaged. But, a naval battle simulation which released after 10 years later shows just ragging the textures without any change of polygon.
  2. New crew skill has released, and bonus for 152mm gun was deleted. This can be a indirect nerf for several premium ships. So, I suggest opportunity to refund several premium ships.
  3. I want to watch upgraded nice hull of several ships just clicking hull upgrade (ex: Fuso's pagoda bridge) without purchase or research. (watching upgraded hulls in battlefield via looking other ships can't concentrate )
  4. komma1710

    stormy game as a hardcore game

    sorry. you misunderstand my suggestion it's not installing mod- its just game setting and different from other normal game rooms-LIKE historical mod and assault fight in WOT
  5. komma1710

    stormy game as a hardcore game

    this game setting can be turned it on or off- basic setting is turned off Can't takeoff and land any aircraft- CV NEVER join this game mode.-light AA automatically turned off Decrease a lot of sight, smoke disappears from smokestack. crews' motion sickness- decreasing fire rate of all manually reloaded weapons. way of torpedos can be slightly changed Decreasing accuracy, max speed, maneuver ships are easy to flood- lower HP, higher damage of flooding, less damage of fire stronger effect for smaller ships like DD
  6. komma1710

    Introducing anchors

    How about introducing anchors? every ship can use as consumables and twice. when use anchor, ship starts a sudden stop, slight faster stop for small ships. ship can discard the anchor anytime, after that ship can start a voyage. it gives more damage to the enemy ship trying collosion. it gives less effect of wave- increase weapon accuracy, crews' fightig skill is increased- less weapon reload time, stronger AA water get into the ship slowly- less flooding damage. anchor has been used symbol of ship and navy, therefore, its reasonable to higher importance of anchor expectations- it will be very good for avoiding torpedos, firing of BB, enemy collisions and for BB without CV